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Ten Favorite Los Angeles Pizzas

Slice: Los Angeles Kelly Bone and Lance Roberts 10 comments

For two people who love pizza, Kelly Bone and I (Lance Roberts) have a surprising lack of overlap. You can blame it on her frustrating vegetarianism— or my cruel, planet destroying meat-eating—but I think it goes deeper. We just have different taste buds. And though you aren't going to hear a peep from either of us about what the top two shops in Los Angeles are, the rest of our picks for best in the city are strictly "he said, she said." Perhaps this slideshow can stand as beacon, showing us all that there is no best pizzas...only favorite ones. More

Staff Picks: The Real Deal Pizza in College

The Slice Team 9 comments

Last week we brought you our Favorite Late Night Pizza in College. Continuing the collegiate theme, we take you on a tour of pizzeria nostalgia from the Serious Eats staff of places we actually recommend. More

Staff Picks: Favorite Late Night Pizza in College

The Slice Team 58 comments

It's back-to-school time and to commemorate the return to campus the Slice staff has put together a list of some of the not-so-memorable, but deeply appreciated late night pizza picks from their college days. These are not meant to represent the best options for pizza, but those sloppy, cheesy slices that just hit the spot after a late night of —errr, studying... More

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