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Skip the Pizza and Get The Sandwiches at Goodfellas Lower East Side

If you were to believe their own hype, you'd think that Goodfellas, a mini-chain started over on Hylan Boulevard in Staten Island back in 1992 was the "WORLD'S BEST PIZZA." Don't believe them? What if they were to tell you that they were voted World's Best Pizza? Yeah, I'm a little skeptical too. I haven't been to the Staten Island locations (there are two now), but I've walked past the Lower East Side storefront on my way up to the pizza haven of the East Village many times. It looks like a generic, cookie-cutter, corporate pizza restaurant—like a Sbarro's with more brick and less brass. But I'm not the kind of guy who judges a pizza before it passes my lips, and I was willing to give the pies a fair shake. More

Nunzio's, a Classic Slice on Staten Island

A minimally beautiful little slice. Life rafts of mozzarella float atop a bright-red sea of fresh-tasting, chunky sauce—it's little more than crushed canned tomatoes, some salt, and a some basil. The crust is crisp and pliant and thin. You'll probably want a couple. More

Staten Island: Pier 76 a Kissing Cousin of Joe & Pat's

Clockwise from top: If you want a sort of impromptu "making-of" slideshow, click the top image; it's more bonus material than anything, though. An individual-size vodka pie. A large half sausage–half plain pie. [Photographs: Adam Kuban] Pier 76 76 Bay Street, Staten Island NY (near Slosson Terr.; map); 718-447-7437; pier76si.com Getting there: I assume most Staten Islanders have cars and can drive. If you're coming from the other boroughs, it's a short walk from the St. George Ferry Terminal—just make sure to exit near where the buses land and not on western exit. Walk toward SI Borough Hall and... More

Staten Island: Lee's Tavern

Lee's Tavern 60 Hancock Street, Staten Island NY 10305 (at Garretson Ave.; map); 718-667-9749; Pizza Style: Bar pizza Oven Type: Gas The Skinny: Classic version of bar pizza Price: Bar size, $5.25; traditional large, $9; toppings, $1 or $2 extra, respectively There are no signs outside Lee's Tavern to indicate that it is in fact Lee's Tavern. And walking into the place, there's not much of an initial indication that one would be able to get a fine example of bar pizza there. The place is worn to a dull patina—the vinyl floor and irregularly matched tables and chairs,... More

Bloomberg's Pizza Money

From the Washington Post: The bulk of Bloomberg's spending has gone into television, radio and Web advertising, it said.But some of the money has trickled down to recession-hit small businesses, including Goodfellas Brick Over Pizza on Staten Island and in the Bronx. The Bloomberg campaign has so far forked over $8,892 for pizza at Goodfellas alone. [Hat tip to Will F.]... More

Pizza from a Backyard Coal Oven on Staten Island

Joseph L. Nizza/Atlantic Food Channel On Staten Island, 84-year-old Sylvia Prestia has been making pizza for decades in a makeshift coal oven. From the Atlantic Food Channel: Only in Staten Island could a pizza like this be the next best thing to eating meat, a pie created in 2008 for the meatless Fridays of Lent. Only in Staten Island could that pizza be called "The Passion of the Crust," and come with a free T-shirt declaring, "IT'S ABOUT THE PASSION!!" Only in Staten Island could that very same pizza spark so much outrage, it was featured on the front... More

Awesome Comment on SILive.com

From ITLBS1 on SILive.com, referencing a pizza war going down on Hylan Boulevard on Staten Island: Some people may like Goodfella's. As much as it sucks.It's the same with BOSE Speakers. Everyone thinks they are great. They are overpriced, underperforming pieces of crap. But people think they are the best. My home theater system would set them on fire.Same with I-Pods, they are crap. To each their own. It's a personal preferrence and some people like it, poor taste I guess?When everyone wanted SONY (CRT) Trinitron's I preferred Hitachi. My 36" Hitachi from 1986 is still going. TV is not... More

Salvatore of Soho: Great Pizza on ... Staten Island

Salvatore of Soho 1880 Hylan Boulevard, Staten Island NY (Grant City; at Slater Blvd.; map); 718-979-7499; salvatoreofsoho.com Pizza Style: New York–Neapolitan/coal-oven Oven Type: Gas-coal hyrid oven The Skinny: Longtime pizzaman Salvatore Ganci is turning great, thin, chewy-crisp pizzas that stand shoulder to shoulder with the best coal-oven places in the city Price: Small Margherita, $9; large, $18 Just a couple blocks down from Pasticceria Bruno of Greenwich Village you'll find Salvatore of Soho. Geographically impossible, you say? Then you haven't been to Grant City, on the eastern shore of Staten Island, where this pizzeria has been cranking out coal-oven... More

Dear Slice: The Best Staten Island Pizza Is at Salvatore's of SoHo

Clicking in to the Slice inbox today, we've got an awesome piece of intel on Staten Island pizza. Hey Adam, As a Staten Island resident for all of my life, I thought I could give you some insight on the places i've been to, as well as a new place that seems undiscovered, but in my opinion, has better pizza than Joe & Pats and definitely Nunzio's. First, you have to understand my reasons for e-mailing you. I am a college student in my first year at Loyola College in Maryland, and cannot go without pizza. If you could, foward... More

Best Pizza on Staten Island?

"I quietly hang around and drink it all in. It's just got all sorts of fascinating cultural components and the best pizza I've ever had—Tony's on Bay Street." —Lawrence O'Donnell, former West Wing writer and creator of upcoming FX cop show to be titled Staten Island Tony's Brick Oven Pizza 1140 Bay Street, Staten Island NY 10305 (map) 718-816-6516... More

Slice vs. Vice: Stone-Coal WRONG

Best-of lists are opinions, and opinions are like assholes—everybody's got one. Am I right? But there's opinion and then there's fact. Sometimes folks come down with some wack stuff that mixes opinion and so-called fact, getting us all to the point where we don't know what to believe. That's when Slice pulls out the truth hammer and gives someone a knock on the skull with it. Witness Vice magazine's statement about Lee's Tavern from that pizza list we mentioned yesterday: "Their coal-oven pizzas surpass the vaunted Lombardi’s and just about every other place we’ve tried." Let's break it down.... More

Vice Magazine on Di Fara Pizza (and Others)

Vice magazine released a New York City guide last week, and on it, they cover pizza. (You have to cover pizza if you're releasing any type of NYC food guide.) Here's what they say: Local food bloggers bicker over whether this Midwood pizza parlor is clean or dirty (truth: it’s pretty dirty) or whether it is running on fumes nowadays or whether watching an old guy futz with their pizza is kind of patronizing. We, however, aren’t food bloggers and couldn’t give a shit. If you’re in this town to eat pizza, Di Fara should be on your list.... More

Dear Slice: There's Other Pizza on Staten Island, You Know

Hi Adam, Here are some suggestions for Staten Island. In regard to the three you have visited, Denino's is legendary here but not as good as they once were, Nunzio's is very ordinary, and I'm baffled as to why you so highly rate Joe & Pat's. Anyway, some suggestions, with the name of the shop and the neighborhood: Brother's in Port Richmond: Not only the best on Staten Island, but the best New York–style pie I've ever hadGentile's in Tottenville: Excellent pizza, but only available by the pieKingdom Pizza in Eltingville: Pretty good, especially the vodka supreme; our everyday place... More


At Denino's, the pizza box says it all: "In Crust We Trust." They should trust their crust, because it is light and crisp and pliant. Denino's is a classic red-brick tavern pizzeria (with a separate dining room), but it is just as welcoming to kids after a little league game as it is to middle-aged softball players coming in for a pie and a brew after a game. I'm crazy about Denino's sausage pie, which features fine sweet Italian sausage made fresh every day by a local butcher. If you want to go vegetarian, try the white pie, made... More

Staten Island

Slice's Staten Island Pizza Map lists all pizzerias we have reviewed and/or mentioned in Staten Island. Click through to view this Google-based map. More

Joe & Pat's

Giuseppe Pappalardo, an owner of Joe & Pat's in Castleton Corners, Staten Island, mastered his craft at three legendary Staten Island slice establishments: Nunzio's, Ciro's, and Tokie's. His slices are distinguished by a superbly thin, crisp crust. "They're easier to digest," he says, "so you can eat a lot of them." And believe me, I do. Giuseppe's son Angelo has now joined him at the pizzeria. He's a serious chef whose last stop was at Esca in Manhattan. I'm sure he'll do wonders for all the other food at Joe & Pat's. The only way he could improve the... More


A slice from Nunzio's is a pristine exercise in elegant pizza minimalism. It's not very big, so pizza-by-the-ton Ray's fans should go elsewhere. Yet everything about it is right: the ratio of sauce to cheese, the crisp yet pliant crust, and the tangy sauce enlivened by fresh basil. I love the sausage Nunzio's puts on its slices. It's nubby, loaded with flavor, and has plenty of fennel in it. Nunzio's even looks the way a pizzeria should: It is a white stucco shack with a tiny dining room brightened by black-and-white photos of the original Nunzio's in South Beach, Sraten... More

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