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Street Food Profiles: Pizza Politana in San Francisco, CA

Paulina Singhapok Post a comment

Meet Naomi and Joel of Pizza Politana. They make Neapolitan-style pizza with seasonal ingredients, hot out of the oven at Bay Area farmer's markets and festivals. In addition to the classic margherita pizza, they also serve a "market" pizza with toppings that change every week depending on what's fresh at the market. More

Portland, Oregon, Has Not One But Three(!) Artisanal Pizza Carts

Adam Kuban 11 comments

What is it about Portland, Oregon?!? The place has not one, not two, but three (THREE!) artisanal pizza carts. Pizza CARTS, mind you — not pizzerias. More

L.A.: The SliceTruck

Adam Kuban 8 comments

[Photographs: Slice Truck] While pizza from a truck predates the current food-truck craze, the type of pizza you'd most often see come from a kitchen on wheels seemed to be the Sicilian slices. In L.A., a city not really known for pizza, the new SliceTruck mobile vendor looks like it's turning out some thin, thin pizzas I'd eat in a flash. I mean, look at that pepperoni pie up there. If seeing is believing, call me Mickey Dolenz. The SliceTruck roams the streets of L.A. As is de rigueur with street-fooders these days, use Twitter to follow their schedule... More

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