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Where Is It: A Pizzeria from 'Mad Men'

Click me bigger » First, a confession: I haven't been watching Mad Men. Yes, I've heard it's good. But the last thing I have time for is another TV show to watch. Keep your tsk tsks out of the comments. (We're going to use them for something else.) Anyway, my coworker here at the Slice–Serious Eats office emailed me these photos after the episode on August 17 ("Three Sundays") aired: Here are screenshots from the 8/17 episode of Mad Men. After having dinner at Peggy's mom's house, the priest drops Peggy off "by the 4th Ave BMT." Assume Brooklyn.... More

Scary Pizza: 'Fear Factor' Slice With Worms and Fish Eyes

Hope you got yr barf bag ready, peeps, cuz I got the NASTIEST slice of pizza you could ever hope to run away from. It's a slice of pizza from a long-ago episode of Fear Factor and features a bile-based crust, cow-blood sauce, stinky cheese, and is topped with fish eyes and live worms. Yeeeech! Here is what Fear Factor contestant Shelby Smith had to say about eating it: Between all the coagulated blood and the cheese and the worms, I don't think I could even, at the time, differentiate what was in my mouth. I didn't even feel the... More

Tough Pizza Critics on 'The Office'

"It's like eating a hot circle of garbage." —Kevin Malone Michael: Good news. Stanley: We get to go home? Michael: Guess who just ordered from your favorite pizza place, Alfredo's? Kevin: Wait. Alfredo's Pizza Cafe? Or Pizza By Alfredo? Michael: Same thing. Everyone: [grumbling] No. No it isn't. Michael: Alright I don't understand when you all talk at the same time. Kevin: Oscar, talk to him. Oscar: Michael, there's a very big difference between these two pizza places, both in quality of ingredients and overall taste. Which one did you order from? Michael: Pizza By Alfredo [Everyone grumbles] Michael: Alright.... More

On TV: 'Heavyweights: The Pizza Files'

Well, folks, unless they left me on the cutting room floor, yours truly will be appearing as a blabbing head tomorrow night on the new Food Network show Heavyweights. I'll be on an episode called "The Pizza Files." The show pits two food industry rivals against one another and has commentators talk about them. The two biggies here: Pizza Hut and Domino's. The short of it: Airs Saturday, September 22 at 9 p.m. ET. Check your local listings, set your TiVos, take some Tums. The long of it after the jump, written just after I taped the show on July... More

Rachael Ray's Pizza Throwdown

Remember when Rachael Ray was asking for votes for the best pizza in Chicago and New York City? The results are in, and, according to Friend of Slice Tien Mao, they're being aired as we speak (if you're on Eastern Daylight Time). If you're in later time zones, you might still have a chance to watch; check your local listings. I, for one, will look for a rerun and try to DVR. In the meantime, Tien gave me some play-by-play. He's working from home, multitasking with some TV in the background, I assume.... More

Slice Mentioned on 'Millionaire'

Holy Slice! FOS Tien Mao called earlier today while I was at IKEA picking up some office furniture for Serious Eats, and he said he was working from home, flipping through channels, and just happened to land on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. One of the questions, he said, was something to the effect of "The New York–based website SliceNY.com is a blog dedicated to what food: pies, hot dogs, pizza, pretzels?" (I'm probably getting the foods wrong there, but you get the gist.) This is a stretch, because who DVRs Millionaire, which apparently airs in the afternoon now,... More

TV Tonight: Pizza on 'American Eats'

AMERICAN EATS The History Channel 10 p.m. Eastern/Pacific, 9 p.m. Central Order a pizza in and get ready to watch. Or set the TiVo and go out for a pie. From the "New York Times": The migration of pizza westward — from southern Italy to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles — is the story of mutation, innovation, perversion. And in spite of the documentary's wonderfully nonjudgmental narration, viewers will find it hard not to take sides. Midwestern deep-dish types tend to see coastal pies as too wan or too fancy. Californians like their Spago-era artworks all fusioned and deluxe; I... More

Luzzo's Pizza on Martha

A tipster tipped us to the fact that Lower East Side coal-burner Luzzo's will be featured on Martha this morning. New Yorkers can tune in to the show on WNBC-4 at 11 a.m. Anyone else, check your local listings. LUZZO'S Location: 211-13 First Ave. (b/n 12th and 13th streets) [map] Phone: 212-473-7447 FURTHER READING Martha Visits East Village's Luzzo's [Slice Archives] Jeffrey Steingarten on Coal-Oven Pizza [Slice Archives] Luzzo's: New Coal-Oven Place in the City! [Slice Archives] Luzzo's in the Post [Slice Archives]... More

Pizza on 'The Office'

On last night's episode of The Office, painfully obtuse boss Michael initiates some male bonding among the white-collar office workers and blue-collar warehouse staff. After totally mucking things up ("I am collar-blind"), he orders pizza to try to smooth things over: Michael: [singsongy] PI-zzaaa. The great EQ-uilizer. Rich people love pizza. Poor people love pizza. White people love pizza. Black people love pizza. ... Do black people like pizza?... More

How Sweet It Is

WORDS BY SELTZERBOY .::. Confetti falls in Times Square, the band plays that Guy Lombardo song, and The Honeymooners airs on WPIX. It must be New Year’s. Some traditions are more well known than others, but for residents of the New York area, something would seem awry without the latter, which ritually kicks off the television year with several hours’ worth of the seminal sitcom. It’s still easy to appreciate the timeless humor of these 50-year-old episodes, even when you know all the plots and punch lines. And held above the fray of our tawdry popular culture, The Honeymooners assumes... More

Slice Pizzeria on Food Network

Moby's everywhere I turn the last couple of days. First as the answer to a Trivial Pursuit question on New Year's Day. Then on a couple NYC blogs yesterday as word of his tea shop's renovation spread. And now on the Food Network eating pizza. But wait. Ain't that dude vegan? You betcha. But the slice he's holding (right) is from Upper East Side healthy-pizza pizzeria Slice. Last night's Recipe for Success on the Food Network featured the place, and the story was fairly interesting, showing all the hard work and research the majority owner, Miki Agrawal, put into her... More

Pizza on the 'Colbert Report'

On Slice, I'm pretty monomaniacal on what I post about: pizza. Sure, I'd love to rhapsodize about how great the new Battlestar Galactica is (I'm dying for the new season to start). Or the sad, sad cancelation of Arrested Development. But I can't. I've gotta stay on message here. So until I see Admiral Adama chowing down on a slice between cylon attacks or I run across one of the Bluths ordering a pie on the AD DVDs, I can't go there. But the fleeting mention of pizza on last night's Colbert Report gives me license to mention this... More

Short Takes: Pizza

Premiering tonight at 9 p.m. on the Discovery Times channel is Short Takes: Pizza, a documentary about "America's favorite food." From what I understand, it's a British-based production, but part of it was filmed here in New York City in Brooklyn's Bay Ridge neighborhood. Rocco's, on Fifth Avenue and 79th Street, will be featured. There's going to be a debate on Chicago- vs. New York–style pizza, and Rocco's will get a "pizza makeover." Hey, as long as Ty Pennington's not involved with the makeover, I'm there. For those of you who can't catch the airing tonight, it will repeat several... More

Slice on NY1

If you live in New York City, subscribe to Time-Warner Cable, and have a high tolerance for hot air, you can tune to NY1 between 6 and 7 p.m. tonight or tomorrow to catch this site's editor & publisher on the air. NY1, for those non–New Yorkers reading this, is like a CNN for the Big Apple. The all–New York-all-the-time channel will air a segment on Google Maps mash-ups in which I appear blabbing about how neat the tool is. Slice, of course, uses the function in our recently released Slice Pizza Map, which plots all the pizzerias that... More

Roll Tape

Almost a year ago, this site's editor and publisher, Adam K. (that's me), was called upon to serve as a judge in the annual Best of Long Island Pizza Contest. Contest organizers told me that the judges would be sampling 25 slices of pizza—five pizzerias competing in five categories. They told me that the Food Network would be there, taping for the show All American Festivals. They also told me not to eat breakfast. This site's roving reporter, E-Rock, joined me on the journey to Farmingdale (that's who I'm consulting with in the screen capture at right), and our... More

Bum Me Out, Scotty

Like a decent number of Slice readers, I'm sure, I was saddened to learn of the death of James Doohan, a.k.a. Star Trek's "Scotty" or "Mr. Scott." I grew up watching Star Trek and enjoyed the cantankerous commander and his declarations—that he was doin' all he kin, cap'n. That she, the ship, canna take no more. As is the case here at Slice, when a beloved public figure dies, we hit the Internets and see if the dearly departed had any connection to pizza. Mr. Doohan apparently did not, but we came across this page that posits what toppings Trek... More

Pizzerias, Pizza Fans Needed for TV Show

Slice has a bulletin board forum dedicated to pizza. It's called The Pizza Peel. I've got mixed feelings about the continued usefulness of this site feature, but every now and then, something pops up on it that catches my eye. Like this message from a TV producer. I thought I'd highlight it here on the main part of the site: I’m looking for passionate pizza chefs for a Discovery Times Channel series called '15 Films About Pizza'. I need a pizza chef that believes the Chicago deep dish is the one and only- and a New Yorker that believes the... More

Find da Popes in da Pizza

With all the recent pope talk going on, Slice can't help but be reminded of Father Guido Sarducci's "Finda da popes in da pizza" bit on Saturday Night Live. From a transcript of the bit, which appeared as part of a 1979 Weekend Update segment: It's amazing to me all the interest in the Pope last couple weeks. I think it's because of John Paul's visit, personally, but, you know, whatever the reason, people are buyin' these posters that show all of the Popes and people want to know what their names are, what their real names are, when they... More

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