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Brooklyn: Pizza Class This Weekend with Tony Calzone

You may know Anthony Falco as "tonycalzone" from various Slice comments and a couple videos here. Now you can get to know him in person as he teaches a pizza-making class this weekend. Pizza with Anthony Falco, October 17, 2010, 2 p.m.; $75, 2-hour duration; Brooklyn Kitchen Labs, 100 Frost Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn (map)... More

Top This: The Cortes from Roberta's in Brooklyn

The Cortes pizza at Roberta's in Brooklyn is, as its creator Angelo Womack says, an unconventional pizza. Topped as it is — with tomato sauce, crema fresca, Hatch chile–flavored chorizo, shaved fresh radish, pickled onions, jalapeños, and cilantro — it's a natural for this here column. Slice'r TonyCalzone (who you may have met in this Q&A here) used his killer video skills and talked to Mr. Womack about the pizza, capturing it all in a great little movie. More

The Best Vegan Pizza Tip Ever: MARINARA PIE

Most vegans (and Neapolitan pizza lovers) are probably well aware of this fact, but if you are friends with vegan folk, you never, ever have to worry about eating pizza with them if you keep this in mind: "Most wood-fired places serve a traditional pie called a marinara consisting of tomato, sea salt, oregano, basil (one leaf), olive oil, and garlic. It's almost always vegan, and delicious."

Tonycalzone, thank you. That is a great tip to remember. More

Comment of the Day: 'Di Fanboys'

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] "Here's my problem with DiFara's. It's Grooooosssss. One of the dirtiest restaurants I've ever eaten at. The pizza is pretty good, the old man is a little over the top on the oil for me, but I'd like to hear how you super fanboys feel about the completely unsanitary conditions of your pizza temple." —tonycalzone, on the Serious Eats New York poll "What's Your Favorite New York Slice?"... More

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