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Banh Mizza

On Saturday I happened to catch photographer Michael Harlan Turkell tweet about a banh mi pizza he had made: "bahn mi pizza a hit, as well as rosa tribute, but using saucisson sec basque as pepperoni, the tops " Unfortunately MHT was so in the moment that he didn't document the banh mi pizza he was tweeting about. No worries, he reprised it on Sunday night. He emails this pizza above, saying: This pie had cilantro pistou, ground pork (done with Thai chiles and lemongrass, actually), pickled carrots and daikons, and sriracha mayo.It's part of a post-Thanksgiving tradition, Saturday... More

Top This: Braised Fennel Pizza (à la Paulie Gee's 'Anise and Anephew' Pie)

I asked Paul Gianonne, owner of Paulie Gee's in Brooklyn, if he had a pie I could feature for Slice's Top This column. "I got just the pie," he replied. "It cannot be topped. My 'Anise and Anephew' has fior di latte, braised fennel, guanciale, and a post-oven drizzle of anisette cream with a garnish of fresh fennel fronds." ZOMG. I love fennel. I was so there. Follow me, and I'll take you there, too. More

Pizza Girl: Banana Peppers on Pizza? Yes. And They Are Spectacular

I finally tried banana peppers on a pizza last night. Before then, they were always one of those unimportant toppings that few people ordered except when they went crazy on our "unlimited" toppings special. Halfway between a pickle and a pepper, they are tangy and spicy at the same time. Now I can't stop trying to think of ways to make their flavor even better. What toppings do you think would go well with them? More

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