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Daily Slice: The Cleopatra Jones from Two Boots

Plain slices here are fine—they're basically a classic New York slice with slightly spicy sauce and a coating of cornmeal on the crust. While that's a good way to go, it's hard to stay away from their slightly kitschy topping combinations, like the Cleopatra Jones ($3.50). Named for the title character of a 1973 blaxploitation film, it's topped with garlicky sweet Italian sausage, roasted bell peppers, and onions. More

Free 'Dude' Pizza at Two Boots to Celebrate 4/20 Day

Today, April 20, is 4/20 Day. You know what 4/20 is, right? In honor of this high holiday, Two Boots locations in NYC and LA will be giving out free samples of their "Dude" pizza, a "Cajun cheeseburger" pie, made with tasso ham, ground beef, cheddar, and mozzarella. The giveaway happens between 4 and 6 p.m. But don't think it's going to sate your stoner munchies. Gothamist reports they're only half slices. (The Dude pizza, of course, is named for Jeff Bridges character in The Big Lebowski.) More

Daily Slice: Andouille Sausage Pizza at NYC's Two Boots

We were a little more restrained in our ordering for the pizza you see above, going with just andouille sausage. An appropriate choice, don't you think? As it turns out, andouille is a pretty damn fine pizza topping. Smoky, spicy, and sliced moderately thick, it turned Two Boots's biggest weakness — that too-thick crust — into a strength. On a thinner pizza it might be too much; here, it works. More

Dear Slice: Should I Be Excited About Two Boots Coming to L.A.?

Clicking in to the Slice inbox today, we've got a question that Slice readers might be able to help with. Photograph from Nick Sherman of Pizza Rules! (Confidential to Nick: Are you still updating your site? Pizzadom misses you!) Hey Adam, There's a Two Boots opening up in Los Angeles in January, and I'd like to know if I should be even remotely excited. As of now, I am not. I've read a mix of good and bad, but I'm coming to you for the truth. New York Pizza Tour 2 is slowly getting hashed out on this end. I'll... More

Vice Magazine on Di Fara Pizza (and Others)

Vice magazine released a New York City guide last week, and on it, they cover pizza. (You have to cover pizza if you're releasing any type of NYC food guide.) Here's what they say: Local food bloggers bicker over whether this Midwood pizza parlor is clean or dirty (truth: it’s pretty dirty) or whether it is running on fumes nowadays or whether watching an old guy futz with their pizza is kind of patronizing. We, however, aren’t food bloggers and couldn’t give a shit. If you’re in this town to eat pizza, Di Fara should be on your list.... More

Two Boots, Opening on the Upper East Side

These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they would do—if I didn’t live on the Upper East Side. As it stands now, I have to take a $15 cab for food that’s popular, trendy, or otherwise “cool.” So when I saw the windows of late-night, across-the-street-from-Dorrian's pizza place Mimma’s all whitewashed, I was sad—for a minute. Until I noticed what would fill its shoes: Two Boots, so named because the “Cajun-Italian” pizza combines flavors of Louisiana and Italy (the two boots). As an Upper East Sider, I usually feel left out, but the neighborhood is finally... More

Link Roundup: New Jersey Pizza; 'New York' on Dean's; Two Boots Walkin' West

Photograph courtesy of Jason Perlow To lead off this pizza link roundup, here's a great one that I didn't get to last week. Jason Perlow of Off the Broiler was invited along on a New Jersey pizza odyssey in the Newark Star-Ledger Munchmobile. Perlow and other Jersey food bloggers visited The Brothers (Red Bank), Sciortino's (South Amboy), Pizzatown USA (Elmwood Park), Cafe Capri (East Rutherford), and Santillo's (Elizabeth). Also blogging the Munchmobile ride: Baristanet, GoOutJersey, Hoboken411, and redbankgreen. Grub Street visits Dean's Pizzeria on the Upper West Side but doesn't really say much about how the pizza was. The... More

Eat Me?

We've featured plenty of "pizza upskirts" here on Slice, but never have we seen a pizza photo that so embodies the definition of food porn. This photo, one of a series on New York City's Two Boots on recently launched cheapassfood.com, is like the pizza version of, oh, I don't know, Hustler or something.... More

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