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The Pizza Lab: How To Make Vegan Pizzas That Really Work

The Pizza Lab J. Kenji López-Alt 32 comments

I don't miss too many foods as a vegan, but... pizza. My first true love. Light of my life and fire of my loins. It will forever rest in that OMG WANT corner. Fortunately, as I found, great pizza is not off-limits to vegans by any means. Here's how to make vegan pizza every bit as satisfying and delicious as a cheese-topped pie. More

Top This: Bánh Mì (à la Mohawk Bend)

Slice: Los Angeles Kelly Bone 2 comments

When chef Mike Garbs* took charge of the kitchen at Mohawk Bend he originally resisted the urge bring one of his favorite flavor combinations—the herbs and heat of a bánh mì—to the pizza menu (although he is not alone in this craving). More

Daily Slice: M Cafe De Chaya, Los Angeles

Daily Slice Kelly Bone 5 comments

M Cafe De Chaya is popular for many reasons—like their Kale with Spicy Peanut Dressing and Tuna Burger—not for pizza. Recently this contemporary macrobiotic cafe re-instituted their Saturday pizza nights. So to investigate this fusion, I joined my pizza knowledge with a local macrobiotic authority, Jack Bone (aka my dad). More

Daily Slice: Seitan Meats Jesus at Pizzanista, Los Angeles

Daily Slice Kelly Bone Post a comment

In honor of Vegan Pizza Day, Pizzanista reworked their infamous Meat Jesus into the feisty Seitan Meats Jesus ($4). More

Daily Slice: The Grapeful Dead at Paulie Gee's, NYC

Daily Slice Max Falkowitz 12 comments

What do you do when you have vegan or lactose intolerant friends and a craving for pizza? You take them to Paulie Gee's, which has some of the best truly vegan pies I've laid eyes on. More

Daily Slice: The I Am Hearty at Café Gratitude, San Francisco

Daily Slice David Kover 5 comments

Order the I Am Hearty and Café Gratitude promises to deliver a "deep-dish" pizza made of ingredients that have never come in contact with heat higher than 105 degrees. It's a food engineering challenge that proves a little bit beyond them and may explain why the the dish with sun-dried tomato marinara, pesto, olive tapenade, Brazil nut Parmesan and ricotta cheese, on an onion-sunflower crust looks, well, nothing like a pizza. More

Top This: Cashew Cream Pie (à la Portobello)

Slice: Portland Adam Lindsley 12 comments

Vegans and the lactose intolerant get the short end of the pizza stick when it comes to finding an enjoyable cheese substitute. But Portland, Oregon's best vegan restaurant, Portobello, has a solution: stop trying to replicate cheese in the first place. Owner Aaron Adams devised a simple, easy, vegan replacement for head pizzaiolo Will Fain's delectable pies that is nothing whatsoever like mozzarella, but is totally satisfying in its own right: cashew cream. More

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