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Video: See How Frozen Pizza is Made

As most of us ramp up to one of the most epically involved cooking days of the year, pause for a moment and check out this episode of the Discovery Channel's "How It's Made" for a behind-the-scenes peek at a food on the other end of the spectrum—frozen pizza. More

Video: Time Lapse POV Pizza-Making

We all love eating pizza, but many of us are complete novices when it comes to making it ourselves (though to be sure, there are a number of you who are clearly very accomplished pizzaioli!). Regardless of your skill level, this POV-video, which spans shaping the dough to boxing the pie, gives some nice insight to the pizza-creation-process. More

Video: Pig Goes Hog-Wild for Pizza

Stop me if you seen this one before, but the Houston Chronicle recorded this pig herding cows and enjoying some Dr. Pepper with her pizza. Apparently she's "been known to break into the ranch house and raid the refrigerator to messily slurp up raw eggs and leftover pizza." Watch the video after the jump. (For the pizza-eating part, fast forward to 2:47 or so.)... More

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