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'Zombie Pizza' iPhone Game Free Today

The Zombie Pizza iPhone app is free today in the iTunes App Store. The game consists primarily of dragging "ingredients"—brains, hearts, bones, eyeballs, intestines—onto a pizza skin in specific orders, according to Chef Zomboni's cookbook.... More

Japanese Gamers Can Now Order Food on Wii Demae (Catering) Channel

Why do the Japanese always get all the cool stuff? Awesome vending machines, monkey waiters, and now the Nintendo Wii Demae (Catering) Channel, which allows gamers to order pizza and other food with a flick of the wrist. According to the blog Destructoid, the channel works in tandem with an existing food-delivery service. You still have to pay cash money at the door—the Demae Channel doesn't take Nintendo Points. Related Top 10 Crazy Asian Pizzas Mobile Street Food in Tokyo, Japan... More

Play 'Pizza City' Video Game Online

One of the most amazing time-suckers I’ve seen in awhile: The 8-bit Pizza City game on the Adult Swim website. Pick up a few pizzas from Uncle Tony’s, hop in your boxy little car (like the rest of the game, looking pretty 1987), and drive around Pizza City looking for your impatient customers. Fast deliveries get better tips; smashing into pedestrians gets you dinged for "damaging the pizza." (But for some reason, running down clowns and mimes is OK.) Just watch out for other cars—Pizza City apparently has some issues with reckless drivers. Feel free to leave your top... More

Pizza Guitar Hero

The recent South Park episode that sent up the videogame Guitar Hero—and all the recent Guitar Hero III hype—has reminded me that I never blogged this crazy-ass YouTube clip when it first surfaced: You know, I've never quite understood Guitar Hero. As many wiser folk have observed before me, why spend your time axing a fake guitar when you could learn to play the real thing? Link: The best Guitar Hero video ever [YouTube]... More

Classic Video Games as Stop-Motion Animations

Cute video using food items to re-create classic video games in stop-motion shorts, after the jump. At 1:16, our favorite food takes a star turn as Pac-Man. Of course, this isn't a huge stretch. Pac-Man creator Toru Iwatani maintains that he came up with the lil' yellow guy's design while looking at a pizza with one slice missing: "The story I like to tell about the origin of Pac Man is that one lunchtime I was quite hungry and I ordered a whole pizza. I helped myself to a wedge and what was left was the idea for the Pac... More

Game: Pizza Frenzy

Not available for Mac :( Talk about a cheesy game. It's your job to deliver pizzas around town in a timely manner. The better you do, the more tips you'll get. Use the mouse to match the pizza order with the correct restaurant, and to place the toppings in the right order on the pizza. Pizza Frenzy [Shockwave.com]... More

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start, Pizza!

Last Saturday night, friend of Slice Lia held a Mario Kart DS party. I bought a Nintendo a short time ago and was eager to try my kart skillz against some humans rather than the race bots I had been practicing against. Since Lia lives just blocks away from Slice favorite Fornino, we figured we'd order some of that pizzeria's fab pies. 'Cause, you know, that's how we roll. We ordered a Margherita Classica (tomato, mozzarella, basil, Parmesan, olive oil; $15), a Trevisana (tomato, mozz, pancetta, radicchio, goat cheese, and roasted tomatoes; $19), and a Monzese (tomato, fennel sausage,... More

Pizzerias Appear in True Crime: New York

I don't really know much about this True Crime: New York City game except that you play your way through a digitally rendered Gotham as a renegade cop. When Gothamist found a gallery of screen captures, I scoured it for any digital depictions of pizzerias. Sure enough. This screen shot (above) sorta reminds me of the pizza-oven scene in Goodfellas. Remember that? Anyone know if this pixelated pie shop is based on any particular pizzeria in the city? True Crime: New York pizza-oven screen shot NYC Crime Is Going Up -- Online!, Gothamist... More

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