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Poll: Whole Wheat Crust - Way or No Way?

Adam Kuban 15 comments

I sampled a 100% whole wheat crust over the weekend. I won't tell you what I thought lest I influence this poll. What do you Slice'rs say? Way or No Way? » More

Frozen Pizza: Amy's Cheese and Pesto Pizza with Whole Wheat Crust

Frozen Pizza Maggie Hoffman 35 comments

[Photographs: Maggie Hoffman] First, the good news. This pizza from Amy's beat last week's freezer-case choice by a mile. It came of the oven golden and bubbling, with nice bits of cheese that got crisp on the edge of the crust, sort of like an Asiago bagel. The copious cheese was nicely stringy and creamy, and the pesto was surprisingly tasty, much better than most I've gotten jarred (though maybe not quite as good as the fresh stuff we make from our balcony plants). The pesto adds a much-needed dose of garlic and oil to each slice. There was... More

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