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Atlanta: Vingenzo's Well Worth the Trip to Woodstock

Todd Brock 6 comments

95 seconds. That's how long it took me to do a complete 180 on Vingenzo's. This cute little Italian place isn't just dishing up the best Southern Italian food in the tiny town of Woodstock... it's home to pizzas that unquestionably deserve a spot in Atlanta's Top 5. More

Pizza Education: Building the Next Generation of Slice'rs

David Kover 5 comments

Most kids get pretty excited about the pizza at the school cafeteria. At San Francisco Community School, the students got to end the year by cooking their own pies in a wood-fired oven. Lucky kids! Check out the slideshow of the students making their pizzas. More

Could This Havana Pizzeria Be One of the Best Restaurants in the City?

Ed Levine 20 comments

Pizza in Havana is kind of the ultimate good news, bad news, proposition. The good news is that there is lots of it. In fact it's ubiquitous, on every street in tiny kiosks or vestibules where the pizza is not on view, it seems to emerge after you order it from some central oven shrouded in mystery. The bad news is that most of it is of frozen pizza quality. More

Daily Slice: Decent Wood-Fired Pies at Toby's Public House

Daily Slice J. Kenji López-Alt 14 comments

The Manhattan branch of popular Sunset Park bar/pizzeria Toby's Public House finally opened a few weeks ago with a full menu of salads, antipasti, pizza, and desserts. The good news? Their oven is real wood-fired. To the best of my knowledge, it's the only wood-fired pizza oven in the vicinity of Little Italy, which gives it the potential of being the best pizza in Little Italy as well. More

Atlanta: Showstopper Pizzas at Baraonda

Todd Brock 5 comments

The excellent pies at Baraonda Ristorante & Bar, located near the Fox Theater in midtown Atlanta, often get left out when talking about the city's pizza scene. On a recent visit, their beautifully cooked Margherita reminded this toppings guy that sometimes, less is way more. More

Portland, Oregon: Oven & Shaker

Slice: Portland Jim Bonomo 6 comments

The Cauliflower Pizza at Oven & Shaker. [Photographs: Derek Arent] Oven & Shaker 1134 NW Everett St, Portland OR 97209 (map); 503-241-1600 Pizza Type: Cali-meets-NW-meets-Neapolitan Oven Type: Wood-fired Price: $12-15 for 12-inch pizzas Just like the bistro-style burger at Le Pigeon and the Fish Sauce Wings at Pok Pok, the pizza at Nostrana was a menu item deemed worthy of forming the foundation for a whole new restaurant. This formula is an apparent trend in the current Portland culinary scene, and the genesis of Oven and Shaker relied heavily on the weight of chef Cathy Whims' wood-fired pies. With... More

Santa Monica, CA: Milo and Olive

Kelly Bone 11 comments

Milo and Olive is making artisan bakery style pizza more of a thing in Los Angeles. The focus of these hardy baker's pies is the crust, incorporating a mix of flours. Open just two months, this pizzeria has already carved out a place in the LA pie-scape. More

Northampton, MA: Wood-Fired Pizza at The Hungry Ghost Bread

Liz Bomze 5 comments

Ironically—or, rather, expectedly—they'd still run out of bread by the time I stopped in around dinnertime on a Saturday night, but the takeout-only pizza operation was just getting going. Everyday between 5 p.m. and closing time at 9 p.m. they portion out rounds of their sourdough base and toss them in the air to make pizza crusts. More

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