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Openings: 7 Enoteca Features Canada's First Site-Built Stefano Ferrara Oven

Located just south of Toronto in the town of Oakville, Ontario, 7 Enoteca has been open for about two weeks. The small menu features cheeses, salumi and prosciutto appetizers, as well as a meat, a pasta and a fish that will change daily. However, the star of the show is the Neapolitan-style pizzas being served out of Canada's first on-site built Stefano Ferrara oven. More

Brooklyn: Everything On The Menu at Best Pizza

Opened just over a year ago, Best Pizza has fast become one of our favorite pizzerias in New York, and yeah, it's mostly because they serve some of the tastiest by-the-slice stuff around. Since opening the shop, the menu has expanded ever-so-slightly to include sandwiches and a single salad. But man, oh man what good sandwiches those are. Check out everything they've got on the menu. More

900 Degrees, Almost As Many Pizza Options

Turns out that the new Greenwich Village pizzeria 900 Degrees has pretty much taken my daydream and made it reality. With two different ovens, this spacious, welcoming restaurant offers visitors four distinct genres of pizza: Neapolitan, Roman, Sicilian, and "tomato pie," in addition to a sort of category-defying menu subsection dubbed "Pizza Americana." More

Daily Slice: The Bee Sting at Roberta's Madison Square Park Pizza Cart

The sweetness of the honey cuts both the saltiness and spice of the oven-crisped soppressata, all with a fresh-tasting sauce of minimally messed-with crushed tomatoes. The cheese is creamy, and there's just enough of it to satisfy folks who look for a balance of elements on their pies. It's a small, personal-size pizza, more diminutive than even a regular Neapolitan pie, but what more do you want at lunch? Good luck finding a table in the square, but why would you want to?* Find an empty bench in the park across the street; it's much more pleasant and shaded there. More

Montclair, New Jersey: Ah'Pizz on the Rise

What a crust! Ah'Pizz's usage of Caputo tipo "00" flour, fresh yeast, and one- to three-day cold fermentation definitely paid off. The crumb was soft, supple, puffy, and packed with a fragrant yeast flavor. The crust was perfectly done on the bottom and not too soggy in the center, thanks to the cheese's moisture content. The char imparted the perfect amount of caramel flavor to bind all of the other pizza flavors together. More

Openings: A Tavola Pizza, Cincinnati

[Photograph: A Tavola's Facebook] The wood-fired, Neapolitan-inspired pizza wave continues to sweep the U.S. Last week, we touched on the opening of Boulder, Colorado's Pizzeria Locale (officially opened as of Tuesday), which had a Stefano Ferrara oven shipped over from Italy. This week, we've gotten word that A Tavola Pizza in Cincinnati just took shipment on its Ferrara-built oven yesterday. That's the bad boy being forklifted off the tractor-trailer in the photo above.... More

Openings: Pizzeria Locale, Boulder, Colorado

Pizzeria Locale has taken delivery on the oven you see above, a Stefano Ferrara "mobile"* oven, has it installed, and appears to be in the final stages of training staff. Self-described as "a contemporary pizzeria inspired by the traditional pizzerias of Napoli," Locale will be home to the first Ferrara oven in the state. Target opening date: "late January." [via Caleb Schiff] More

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