Pizza Is The Fulcrum Of History


NEEEE-HAW! A drawing by legendary comix artist R. Crumb (left), in which he imagines the crucial moment when Monica S. Lewinsky delivered pizza to the president; for dessert—cheesecake. And isn't this the photo (right) that Robert Smigel used for the Bill Clinton moving-lips segments on Conan O'Brien? We find those "interviews" to be among the funniest moments on Mr. O'Brien's show; here's one in which he talks to "President Bush."

Stockholm-based Slice reader Ian F. e-mailed us a couple weeks ago with some information he had uncovered while trolling through some blogs:

If this theory holds up to scrutiny, or is anywhere near plausible, Bill Clinton deserves to forever be called the "Pizza Doughboy" President!: Interesting article which proposes that America's worst political crisis since Watergate was caused by Bill Clinton being on a diet... "The photographic record is clear: between mid-1994 and early 1996, Bill Clinton lost somewhere in the neighbourhood of 25-30lb. One evening toward the end of this time, a White House intern named Monica Lewinsky took a couple of slices of vegetarian pizza into the Oval Office..."

this R. Crumb drawing]. And it's in French, to boot! How long were you planning to suppress this important long-after-the-factoid from the American public???"

The R. Crumb drawing is, of course, the one pictured above. Thanks, Ian! We had forgotten all about the pivotal role pizza played in that whole saga.

20040818MyLife.jpgTo read more about the whole saga, from President Clinton's point of view, try picking up My Life from Amazon. And to learn more about R. Crumb, we can't recommend the Terry Zwigoff documentary Crumb (pictured above) highly enough. Mr. Crumb's upbringing and family are truly fascinating. There's so much more to the man than the Big Brother & the Holding Co. album cover he did back in the '60s.