Join Slice editor & publisher Adam K. at one or both of the Slice pizza meet-ups in Austin during SXSW.

Brick Oven: Thursday, March 17. 1 p.m. Thin-crust pizzas from a 100-year-old wood-fired oven.
Location: 1209 Red River Road, near East 12th Street.

Frank & Angie's: Friday, 1 p.m. Thin, chewy crust. Lots of topping choices.
Location: 508 West Avenue, at West 5th Street.

Map & Schedule
SliceXSW Map/Schedule PDF

This reporter is excited to report that he'll be seeing stars and stars in the making in the Lone Star State next week. I'm headed to Austin, Texas, to attend a few days and nights of South by Southwest, the annual music, interactive, film, and what-have-you festival held in that fair city.

The impetus for this trip: One of my best friends, Andy, will be playing in this year's extravaganza. His band, A. Graham & the Moment Band, was signed to Sonic Unyon last summer, and he and his gang will be performing under that label's banner.

I'll be acting as a roadie for them, flying into Kansas City this Saturday, driving down to Texas with them, eventually arriving Wednesday afternoon.

Regular Slice readers know I wouldn't miss the opportunity to eat pizza on this trip, and that's exactly what I'll be doing, first in The K.C., then in Denton, Texas (where A. Graham plays at a venue called Rubber Gloves, and then in Texas's capital.

In the spirit of SXSW, I'll be hosting SliceXSW: The Slice Pizza Conferences. Quick research on the Internets helped me find that two of Austin's top-rated pizzerias are within striking distance of the SXSW events downtown. So, on Thursday, March 17, I'll be at Brick Oven at 1 p.m. Any Slice readers who will be in Austin are welcome to stop by. The following day, I'll be at Frank & Angie's at 1 p.m. Feel free to attend one or both SliceXSW events if you can make it. Just be sure to RSVP to adam (at) sliceny (dot) com. And please don't call the pizzerias asking about these "conferences." They don't know about them, and they'll most likely think you're crazy if you ask about "Slice by Southwest."

If you plan on attending SliceXSW, download the map and schedule in the breakout box above. And visit Slice in the coming days for on-the-road pizza-blogging from The K.C. and Austin.