Daily News Pizza Roundup

Eater, the new foodblog from the folks who brought you Curbed:

A nice roundup, I think. A lot of it is old hat to me, but there were some nice surprises in there, particularly a couple Brooklyn places (Graziella's, Laura's) that have been lurking one or two neighborhoods over from Slice HQ.

Irene Sax knows her stuff, and I agree with most of her assessments, although I don't know why she rated a chain Patsy's on the Upper West Side instead of the original in East Harlem. What's nice here is that they've really done a comprehensive roundup of the best places in each borough instead of picking, say, a top-five or top-ten list. It's a nice piece that's actually useful to anyone in any of the five boroughs.

You really should click through to the article and have a look at Ms. Sax's quick rundowns. For as long as we've been publishing Slice (and probably long before), Sax has been the News's pizza expert.

Here, we'll list Sax's picks and link to our reviews, when possible. When not possible, I, uh, well, I just offer up comments and such willy-nilly. Read on after the jump....

Upper Crust [New York Daily News]
The Boroughs' Best Pizza [Eater]

Di Fara (A Slice favorite; Our Di Fara archives.)
Franny's (Our review.)
Totonno's (our review.)
Fornino (An earlier Daily News review.)
Graziella's (New to Slice's radar; we'll check it out, as it's nearby our HQ.)
Grimaldi's (Our review.)
Nino's Pizza (We tried to visit last weekend but walked the wrong way along Third Ave. and got lost.)
Peppino's (Used to be New York Pizza Co., and was good under that management; we're eager to try this in a Bay Ridge roundup.)
L&B Spumoni Garden (Our review.)
Amorina (Among a bevy of backlogged reviews to come. 'Til then, look at our Flickr photos of Amorina.)
Caserta Vecchia (Always highly recommended by readers and friends; we haven't gotten off our asses for a review even though it's one neighborhood over.)
Laura's Gourmet Restaurant (We're always skeptical of anything that calls itself gourmet, but it's a neighborhood over from us. Maybe we'll actually get to this one in a timely manner.)
La Villa Pizzeria (Gets a so-so from the DN. We agree. It's a mere half block from Slice HQ and we get it in a pinch, but it's a bit too pricey for a pizza that's only marginally better than a typical slice joint.)
Lento's (Our review.)
Peperoncino (Our review.)
Leonardo's (Sax says it has a "clunker of a crust." Maybe she had a bad night or two there. We think it's one of the best in Carroll Gardens. The pizza component in the map of NYC in this post, in fact, is a pepperoni pie from Leonardo's.)

THE BRONX We're shamefully short of Bronx reviews on Slice. Like, uh, due to laziness and travel time, we don't have any. But here are the places Sax reviews:
Tosca Café (Received the highest rating from the News.)
Coals (A grilled-pizza joint.)
Full Moon (A perennial BX fave; A Year in Food on Full Moon.)
Venice Restaurant & Pizza (New on the Slice radar.)

John's (Seltzerboy and I disagree on this one. I like it, he doesn't. While not the best of the coal-oven pizzerias, it's certainly not the worst, and it's an ideal choice for introducing out-of-town guests to NYC coal-oven—if you don't want to make the schlep to East Harlem or the outer boroughs.)
Luzzo (They've got a coal oven. Sublime things should be coming out of it. Unfortunately, only good things emerge from this new-ish card-carrying member of the coal coalition.)
Sal's & Carmine's (A salty salute to this slice. Make sure to get a sweet sweet Coca-Cola to cut the salinty, though.)
Adrienne's Pizza Bar (Our review.)
Don Giovanni (New on the Slice radar; must investigate.)
Gonzo (Haven't been. Need to go. Especially in light of our planned trip to Coals. Coals, by the way ... I think it should be COALS, and it should stand for something. Like DARYL or CHUD.)
Lombardi's (Our review, from Seltzerboy.)
Otto (My tasting notes and photos were lost in the Great iBook Meltdown of January 2005. The sauce was simple yet surprisingly complex, starting off with a salty tang and finishing with a note of sweetness sung out from the fresh tomatoes.)
Una Pizza Napoletana (Great stuff. Here's our review.)
Celeste Ristorane & Pizzeria (New on the Slice radar; must investigate.)
Lil' Frankie's (Hatchback Media, the publisher of Slice and A Hamburger Today is a cruel cruel "employer." The boss there thinks nothing of trying to get his burger people to do double duty with pizza reviews. Seeing as how AHT's Honey P. loves this place, I've been trying to get her to file some copy. So far to no avail. Perhaps taking away her byline on AHT would have some effect....)
Mezzogiorno (New on the Slice radar; must investigate.)
Patsy's (Lord knows that when I'm asked for a pizzeria recommendation in Manhattan and I come back with "Patsy's," the inevitable response is "Which one? I live near the one on 23rd"—or some such. Which one? The only one that matters: the East Harlem one, people! Surprisingly, pizza pro Irene Sax shuns the way way uptown joint for one of the doppelgangers, this one on the Upper West Side.)
Sullivan Street Bakery (Been. Had. Good. Need to review.)
Arturo (Eh. Coal-oven: good. Pizza: not so much. It has its adherents—Gothamist Food's Laren Spirer always champions the place to me, but I think the crust is too chewy. My jaw aches after I leave the joint. But, I have to give it props on its meatball pie. So good.)
Da Ciro (New on the Slice radar; must investigate.)
La Pizza Fresca (Another shameful omission on Slice. We've been a few times before founding the site. A VPN (Vera Pizza Napoletana) joint, and we're always like, "We gotta go to review it" but then never do.)
Piola (Haven't been yet. Need to go. Don't like the name, but hey, The Flaming Lips and the Butthole Surfers have dumbass names and they're good, right?)
28 Carmine (Been there. It's good. It's in the backlog. Very good Neapolitan style pies. A little thicker than other Neapolitans I've had in NYC, but very good nonetheless. Nota bene: We refer to it as Number 28 or No. 28 on this site.)
Waldy's Wood-Fired PIzza and Penne (I was geared up to try it as soon as it opened. Even went in around 3 p.m. opening day. "We'll be opening around 7 p.m.," they said. "I'll be back," I replied, donning my shades, stomping out, and, seconds later, driving my stolen police car through the window. Seriously, though, I've been meaning to go back at a more advantageous time, but the redesign of this site has kept me busy. Hasta la pizza, baby.)
DeMarco's (Oh man. Either you like it or you HATE it. This place has inspired the most disagreement among Slice readers than any pizzeria we've written about. We happen to think it's pretty good, but we haven't been in a while. Might be time to revisit. Incidentally, our review on this place was mentioned in the New Yorker. Fancy that.)
Pizza Gruppo (Another pizzeria whose tasting notes and photos were lost in the crApple Crash.)
V&T Pizza (Sax said, "College kids will eat anything." We couldn't agree more. Maybe Columbia needs a Pizza Studies program.)

Bella Via (Adam K.'s Flickr photos of Bella Via.)
Nick's Pizza (Our review, by Seltzerboy.)
Sac's Place (Our review.)
Thirty-One (Our Queens correspondent needs to get off her ass and file her review.)
Sapori D'Ischia (New on the Slice radar; must investigate.)
Manetta's (Ditto.)
Dee's (See above.)

Denino's (I haven't been there since before I started Slice. Like Jojo, I need to get back. I like A Year in Food's Denino's story. I also like how I once read Denino's described (I can't remember where): "It's a real neighborhood place. Just not your neighborhood." And it does have an everybody-knows-your-name-and-knows-you're-not-from-around-here feel to it, but who cares. The pizza's great.)
Joe and Pat's (Superthin. Supercrisp. Is there such a thing as too crisp? Joe and Pat's tests that notion with every pie, staying on just this side of it.)
Nunzio's (In the Shaolin Temple of Pizza, Nunzio's is always spoken of in reverential tones. It's better than average, but we don't think it brings tha noize.)

Upper Crust [New York Daily News]
The Boroughs' Best Pizza [Eater]