'Daily News': Lento's Closed

When I cry, I cry olive oil tears.

20060110Lentos.jpgIn a story headlined "The unkindest slice of all," the New York Daily News reports on the reasons behind Lento's closing: declining business and what seems to be a family dispute.

[Linda] Cahill's grandfather, Eugene Lento, turned the space into a pizzeria 73 years ago after the speakeasy he ran began losing dough at the end of Prohibition.

Upon his retirement, Lento handed the business to sons-in-law Anthony Tortora and Herbert Connors, and in 1988 Cahill and three others took over.

Lento's daughter, Mary Lento, inherited the building at 7003 Third Ave. when Lento died in 2002.

"My grandfather reassured us there would be no reason to worry," Cahill said. "We didn't think there would be a problem because why would anyone want to close their father's legacy?"

The reporter contacted me for comment, which I gave. But I sound funny, even though the quotes are accurate.

The unkindest slice of all [New York Daily News]