AOL Cityguide: 13 Perfect Pizzas Across America

And they are:

  1. Zachary's Chicago Pizza: Berkeley, California
  2. PIzzeria Regina: Boston
  3. Patsy Grimaldi's Pizzeria: Scottsdale, Arizona
  4. Vic's Bar & Restaurant: Bradley Beach, New Jersey
  5. Tacconelli's: Philadelphia
  6. John's: New York City
  7. Star Pizza: Houston
  8. Imo's Pizza: Saint Louis
  9. Home Run Inn: Chicago
  10. Mellow Mushroom: Atlanta
  11. Windy City PIzza: Tampa, Florida
  12. Anthony's Pizza and Pasta: Denver
  13. Papreza's Pizza: Henderson, Nevada

Well, they say 13 is an unlucky number, right? I mean, only one New York City pizzeria on this list? And it's John's? John's is good, sure, but not the best in NYC. And maybe we should hold our tongue until we've had pizza from the Grimaldi's branch in Arizona, but how can it be any better than the homegrown original Grimaldi's? I guess AOL had to tailor its list to please people across the country. And it's further evidence that these lists are always flawed. Heck, even if Slice put out a list, I'm sure someone—lots of someones—would find fault with it. But they're always good for debate, so have at it. Comments welcome.

13 Perfect Pizzas Across America [AOL Cityguide]