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Earlier today, Seltzerboy and I were joined by five friends of Slice in a tradition he and I have shared since 2001, way back in the pre-Slice era. On hand for the coaster ride were Dan, Katie, Tien, and our Queens correspondent, Chito. We met up in front of the 'Clone, bought tickets ($5 a ride), and submitted our bodies for a little Jazz Age G-force testing.

CycloneThe line this year was longer than in years past, no doubt thanks to the sunny weather, and it looked dire for getting a seat in the coveted first row. But Seltzerboy and Tien (left) employed a bit of strategy, taking the first open seats as close to the front as possible. When the train roared back to the platform, they were able to ride again ($4, rerides have priority) and move up into the now-vacated front seat.
Paul McCartney's Long Lost Follow-Up SongWe all rode at least twice and then headed to nearby Totonno's, first passing the curiously named Pizza on the Run (right) on the way.

Slow on the Draw
Matt showed up about five minutes later. "You better like plain, pepperoni, or garlic, 'cause that's what we ordered," we told him. Everyone must have been hungry because they certainly didn't give me a chance to play pizzarazzi with the pie before grabbing a slice of the plain pie (right).


Totonno's Plain Pie Upskirt
nycslice (10:41:2 PM): yo yo yo
nycslice (10:41:9 PM): what'd you think of totonno's today?
nycslice (10:41:28 PM): everyone seemed to say it was "missing something"
tien (10:43:58 PM): hey hey hey
tien (10:44:5 PM): it was good
tien (10:44:8 PM): but...
tien (10:44:14 PM): it was a little undercooked
tien (10:44:16 PM): i thought
nycslice (10:44:35 PM): ah
tien (10:44:36 PM): like, i could smell the uncooked dough
nycslice (10:44:39 PM): the plain pie?
tien (10:44:45 PM): i think so
nycslice (10:44:57 PM): I noticed it seemed a little doughy right below the sauce
tien (10:45:4 PM): yeah
nycslice (10:45:10 PM): but the bottom of the crust -- i thought that was pretty good. nice char. [above right]
nycslice (10:45:14 PM): it was crisp
tien (10:45:15 PM): true
tien (10:45:22 PM): maybe too hot?
tien (10:45:24 PM): i dunno
nycslice (10:45:25 PM): hmm
tien (10:45:31 PM): so it would cook the bottom
tien (10:45:34 PM): but not the rest
nycslice (10:45:35 PM): like maybe the bottom cooked faster than the rest
nycslice (10:45:38 PM): possibly
nycslice (10:46:2 PM): it was markedly crisper than the last few times i've been to totonno's
tien (10:46:16 PM): i cant remember the last time
Totonno's Garlic Pie
nycslice (10:46:32 PM): i didn't observe any tip sag until we got to the garlic pie
tien (10:46:42 PM): hmm
tien (10:46:46 PM): i liked the garlic pie
tien (10:46:57 PM): but i wish the garlic was more evenly distributed
nycslice (10:49:54 PM): i only had one skinny slice of the garlic
nycslice (10:50:1 PM): and mine was pretty garlicky
tien (10:50:10 PM): which might have been a reason for tip sag
nycslice (10:50:11 PM): seltzerboy had at least two
nycslice (10:50:24 PM): but he's not on AIM, so I can't ask him
Totonno's Pepperoni
tien (10:51:21 PM): i liked the pep
tien (10:51:31 PM): pepperoni
nycslice (10:52:41 PM): yeah. it was my favorite of the day
tien (10:52:51 PM): i like their pepperoni
tien (10:52:55 PM): has some spice to it
nycslice (10:52:57 PM): i should have grabbed a second piece
nycslice (10:53:11 PM): totonno's seems to use the top-notch peps. really good ingredients there. the cheese was phenomenal
tien (10:53:23 PM): indeed


Water RaceYou can't go to Coney without A) riding the Cyclone (check) B) eating at Nathan's or Totonno's (check; Tien had both) and C) playing some games (left). We did some Skeeball, won some tickets, and traded them in for prizes. Blah blah blah.

Subway Figurine

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