Free Pizza at the Crocodile Lounge

Crocodile Lounge

Location: 325 East 14th Street, Manhattan NY 10003 [East Village; map]
Getting There: L train to First Ave. Station; Crocodile Lounge is between First and Second avenues
The Skinny: You get what you pay for. In this case, the pizza is free with beer purchase. Fun bar with SkeeBall, photo booth, outdoor patio in back

Crocodile LoungeCrocodile Lounge

Crocodile LoungeThey say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the one above right is worth three bucks. That's what the photo booth at the Crocodile Lounge costs.

I didn't mind throwing around my hard-earned dollars on such frivolity, though, since the pizza there is free. You may already have heard about this place (or others like it), but if not, the deal is you get a free little pizza (about nine-inch diameter) with beer purchase.

How is it, you ask? Well, whaddaya expect for free? At least your beer was good, right? And after enough hooch, almost any pizza tastes good. But for a fun night, the Crocodile Lounge seemed A-OK. Friendly bartender, quite a few beers on tap (though tonight they were out of most everything), and -- this is aces -- SkeeBall in the back. Along with Wack-a-Croc, Big Game Hunter, Golden Tee, and, of course, the photo booth.

If the pizza wasn't all that, the evening was salvaged by The Anonymous Blogger, who taught me a cool SkeeBall trick: If you bank-shot the ball off the rail of the SkeeBall alley, it almost guarantees you'll make a shot into one of the more valuable center holes. An admittedly crappy video of the technique follows.

SkeeBall Technique on Vimeo