The Best Grandma Slice in New York?

Dear Slice

Slice mail answered.

Ladies and gents, Slice's favorite drive-by pizza reviewer is back after a long absence. That's right, DJ Bubbles, whose credentials are best explained by the man himself in his message below, has resurfaced with the following email, to which he attached two photos--one presumably of himself and the other, I'm guessing, his dog, who I'm going to christen DJ Doggles. Buon appetito! --The Mgmt.

Attenzione, New Yorkers: Slice is in Bubble Trouble again as New York City's number one player hater is back on attack. The primogenitor of the Definitive NYC Top Ten Pizza List (the most commented-on article in Slice's history) has undertaken many exploratory slice walks throughout New York County in search of the borough's best grandma, or nonna, slice. Rest assured, I found it, and it certainly was not the Levine-endorsed Maffei on 22nd Street and Sixth Avenue nor the bootleg hybrid that is Lazzara's pan pie. No, my new No. 1 nonna hosed both of those knockoffs.

Vinci's on First Avenue (between 61st and 62nd streets) after your weekend jaunts to Bed, Bath, & Beyond for Manhattan's top grandma pie. Starting with a dough that's chewy and pliant, the bottom has a golden-brown upskirt coming out of their standard Baker's Pride convection oven. No judgments, please.

While the mozz is aged, it's still moist and has just a bit of sharpness that provides a strong contrast with the smattering of tomato sauce. The sauce is the real star here, as you can taste its sweetness in concert with a subtle tang that lets you know what you're dealing with here--a real pedigree. Dare I say Vinci's sauce is cut with a couple San Marzanos for good measure? It sure tastes like it. To top it off, they throw on some chopped garlic that is baked in with the pie--great touch. Both times I've tried this stuff, I grabbed a reheated slice and knew that this was something to write Slice about. Having a slice right out of the oven would be out of this world--talk about really taking Maffei to school.

As an aside, the good DJ is still looking forward to an evening of pie-tasting with da Slice boyz, and I don't just mean my main man and fellow Syracuse alum, Seltzerbomb, but also Adam "AK-47" Kuban and former New York Times stalwart Fred Levine. Guys, come strong, have a take, and don't suck. PEACE!

--Bubbles out!

P.S., My next article will focus on my recent trip to Naples, where several of Fred's favorites, including Ristorante L'Europeo's "Margherita" (although, it should probably be reclassified as a "Filetti," per Anthony Mangieri's menu autentico, right Fred?) were put to the test and, once again, bested by a find of my own--the good 'ol Buffalo Brothers (Fratelli e Bufala). I spit hot fire!


Address: 1122 First Avenue, New York NY 10021 [map]
Phone: 212-751-1122

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