That's Amore: Super Special Gigantor National Edition

In which Slice wades waist-deep into the plaintive muck of Craigslist's Missed Connections in search of pizza-related longing. So come with me, my love, to the swamp of love that spawns this That's Amore. —The Mgmt.

New York City

  • Dean & Vanderbilt 10pm-ish: Woman in red t-shirt with pizza - m4w - 28: When you entered my field of vision I stopped in my tracks.

    The way you came around the corner with that pizza balanced so perfectly on your right hand while you didn't simply walk, but traveled with speed, grace, and style was a breathtaking sight. Simultaneously, a sway and strut pushed and pulled on eachother to create liquid strides of ease and determination.

    I had spent all day in Manhattan, witness to more beauty, style, and sensuality than can be expected from any average day on the island, and yet 100 yards from my front door was the most beautifully stylized display of sensuality I had felt all day.

    I would feel guilty about my blatant glare, but your facial features did not contort to the often ugly shapes that convey fear, disgust, or complaceny. Instead, your eyes glowed. Your lips curled slighty up. Your nostrils flared the slightest bit.

    For me, that may be the only moment you play a part in. Without doubt that pizza was shared with the person that had made you feel so light on your feet that you could glide so effortlessly along the Brooklyn sidewalk. That quick moment still had power and dripped with humanity and will stick with me.

  • I had a pink rose and was writing a song on a note pad you=curly hair - m4m - 23: me: i had a pink rose. i was writing on my note pad... i bumped into you. you said sorry...

    I looked up and said it was fine and looked down. It took me a while to realize how beautiful you were. you went into driggs pizza i was going to follow you but i was kinda high. i can't believe i am posting this. this is fun. hope life is swell.

New Jersey

  • For EVERYONE - m4w - 25: Why when you see someone you think is attractive you dont bother to say hi to them. Why get on cl and post that you seen them, but couldnt say hi; hoping and praying that they are on cl looking for your post. Seize the moment and just say hi. You never know that person could be your future wife or husband.Please stop posting I seen you at Pizza Hut and u were beautiful but I couldnt say hi. What are we in third Grade...Please grow up and introduce yourself.
  • aldos pizza girl - w4w - 22: wow you are so cute. i came in yesterday and was floored. i would have said something to you but you were busy answering phones and helping customers. but if you read this, wow, just wow.
  • Latin Uno's Pizza guy 7/14 - m4m - 34: You brought my friend (a female) and me our pizza last night. You were very sexy. I'm not sure which way you swing, but if you like it from the guys, I'd like to play along. By the way, you did a nice job with your MC Hammer impersonation.
  • Tonys pizza girl next to Jims - m4w - 36: I was on the phone in Jims parking lot, and you were behind the pizza place taking a break I guess. I said hello but was stuck on the phone. I don't know if you read these, but I just wanted to let you know that even though you were in uniform and working, you looked stunning.

New Haven, Connecticut

  • Used to run into you at BAR - w4m - 23: I first met you at BAR sometime last year in May/June.....I was short and you were tall and thought it would be funny to take a picture. You're a med student at Yale and from Arizona. We kept running into each other in New Haven but I had a boyfriend when you asked for my number, otherwise I would have said yes in a second. I last saw you in December when I was eating at Aladdin Pizza after a night of drinking at BAR. I haven't really been out in New Haven in a while so I don't even know if you are still around or if you are still interested, but I'm single.


  • Cute Blonde Guy with Backpack at Upper Crust Friday night - w4m - 29: I know that no one ever reads these things. But if it means releasing some positive energy out into the Universe then I am still for it.

    I was at Upper Crust in Brookline around 9pm this past Friday night. I was a tall brunette with a pink t-shirt with a tiger on it and jeans hanging out with my friend Julie, a blonde who is shorter than me. You were a blonde guy with a backpack sitting by yourself right near us enjoying a slice. I must tell you, you were so attractive you made me do a double-take. I only wish I had had my game on that night so that I had said hello to you. I was checking you out and you were checking me out, too, but neither of us said hi. Right when I got enough courage to maybe broach a hello, you left. I hope you had a nice night and I hope I see you again. You made getting pizza all the more interesting that evening.


  • f&blvd pizza palace about 11 years ago - w4m: we worked together,became great friends then great lovers,and i didnt appreciate what i had right in front of me,anyway,I really miss you ,and have been thinking of you alot,hope you r doing good,and hope we meet again someday xoxoxoxoxoxo brunette from oldnewtown rd.1995-96
  • You bartend at the Bertuccis in Prussia - m4w - 27: I came to your bar on New Years eve.. yes, was a long time ago, wasnt it? I think it was around 9pm, to order a pizza for a friend who was all of a sudden very hungry and couldnt wait till she could get to downtown Philly and her boyfriend was with me.. We sat at the bar, ordered a couple of drinks.. I thought you were so pretty.. I dont want to creep you out or anything, but I still remember your face and if you happen to see this, please respond.. maybe we can meet again.. I was wearing a biker jacket and a black hat backwards.. ring a bell?
  • Mamma's Pizza (black guy / birthday ) - m4m - 26: we spoke last night at the counter in mammas pizza, around 1am. i was with my tipsy female friend. you gave the worker a couple of dollars for his birthday. he still smiled a lot after you left. i think u walked to the arts tower with a friend. and i wish that i had spoken with you more. let's meet up?
  • Paolo pizza pine st cute cashier - m4m - 40: john the cute cashier you black hair and glasses wearing white t shirt and white shorts i think. i was wearing white t shirt and blue shorts like to get to know you and get something to eat or coffee. i think you are very cute. lets talk
  • Horsham Pizza, Horsham, PA lunchtime between 12-1 on June 29 - w4m - 33: You were with three other guys and sitting up against the window. I was the one in the blue short, short blonde hair with a nice smile. I was sitting with another blonde near the pizza counter. We exchanged glances and definitely caught each others eyes. I think you are very attractive and would go back there every day for lunch if I thought I could run in to you again. If by chance, someone reads this or you even do, please contact me. —Robyn
  • Last night around 10pm you were leaving NYPD Pizza - w4m: You were leaving NYPD with a bunch of friends. You were wearing a red shirt with khaki pants...I was walking in front of you with a friend...I had on green sweatpants, a white top, and a hat. I thought you were pretty cute. Did you notice me too?


  • electrolytes are important - w4m: you only drink lemon line gatorade, and you have a tall roommate named kevin who leaves curly hair on pedicure tools. obviously it's for the electrolytes. you all also drank wine and ate pizza on our roof. also we are neighbors. please let's be friends?
  • Girl in the blue top walking down North around 1:30 PM - m4w - 24: Wow. If I wasn't so hungry for the pizza I was carrying, I would've turned these skinny jeans around. It's nasty outside, but thank god for girls dressed like you.

Goin' Back to Cali

  • Tonight at Z Pizza (red head) - m4m - 23: Hey, saw you tonight at Z Pizza. We hooked up Halloween weekend last year and had a really hot time.. You were a convincing cop ;-) Get in touch. Blk guy, 20's, 5'9", 155lbs...
  • John, who lives in Rockridge, originally from Chicago - w4m (mission district): We met about four weeks ago at Cable Car Pizza in the Mission in the wee hours after everything was closed. You thought me and my friend were laughing at you and we had a nice chat while you waited for your friend to find his car. I'm the girl from Rockridge who now lives in SF. You were cute and nice and had a cool hat. I thought you'd ask for my number but you didn't and I thought it would offer it to you but I didn't. I'd like a do-over on that last part. If you see this, send me a reply so I can get those digits.

Rainy Day Women (and Men)

  • Piecora's Bears?? - m4m - 26: see you guys all the time when i come in for pizza, i sit and admire the view, also usaully one or the other that delivers my pizza. I want to know if you are interested in a boy 5'9" 130lbs Redhead that like BIG BEARS?? see if it would be worth my time to answer the door naked when next i ordered a pizza?? respond with pic if this is either of you saying yes.. anyone who see this and knows them make sure they see this
  • Zeke's Kirkland - our waitress tonight - m4w: ...and i'm still speechless. we all had pizza by the slice. i just moved and couldn't help wonder if there was a way to run into you again (somewhere other than work) - care to run into me sometime? hope to hear from you!
  • Pizza Time Sunday Night - m4m - 27: You were the only one working at Pizza Time downtown Olympia Sunday night. I was probably one of your last customers. You had brn/blonde hair and are taller than me. Me: 5'10 black hair. You're super cute and when we looked each other in the face a couple times I felt like there was something going on....
  • Charlie at Kent Pizza Hut - w4m - 22: There is a Charlie who is tall,black hair and really nice.You work at the Kent Kangley Pizza Hut up on the hill and I really like you.I'm sure you remember me because I order the same thing all the time .Your really nice and I like you,maybe we can chat?
  • Pizza delivery - m4m - 43: did you answer the door naked for the pizza guy yet?
  • Gino's in Port Orchard - 45: I was in for lunch today with my ex-wife, son and her relatives. My order was completely messed up and I didn't have lunch. I helped my son eat his pizza. You offered to buy me lunch next time I stop in. How about we just meet up somewhere for a private lunch or dinner together?
  • Pizza Guy at Oasis - m4m - 27: To the short haired guy at Pizza Oasis (about 5'8, fit build) that works in the kitchen: YOU'RE HOT!!! I come in occassionally just to catch a glimpse of you, and I don't even like pizza. You really make my day.
  • pizza schmizza cashier - m4w - 29: your so cute yet im so shy......