Boo! More Scary Pizza for New Yorkers

20071031halloweenslicedude-64x64.pngI'm going to put another scare into New Yorkers. This time, I'm taking you through a horror show of Chicago deep-dish pizza.... More than Hawaiian-style, what Gothamites revile the most is deep dish. I'm gonna stuff your face in it, suckas.

Buckle in, cats. It's gonna be a wild ride. Bwahahaha!

Deep dish! (by craigt_from_atl)

Photograph from craigt_from_atl on Flickr

For New York pizza lovers, this is the House of Horrors, indeed. From which all evil emanates:

More of Me and Pizzeria Uno (by voteprime)

Photograph from voteprime on Flickr

A gallery of fear follows ...

This is the deepest deep-dish I have ever seen:

Deep Dish Pizza (by Lorraine Marie)

Photograph from Lorraine Marie on Flickr

Even a lone slice is frightening enough:

Chicago Stuffed, Deep-Dish Pizza (by musicpb)

Photograph from musicpb on Flickr

Don't do it, man! Don't do it:

chicago deep dish (by barnhizzle)

Photograph from barnhizzle on Flickr

They met the executioner with smiles on their faces:

Chicago deep dish pizza (by KameraKozo)

Photograph from KameraKozo on Flickr

giordano's deep dish pizzzza!! (by spiffystephy)

Photograph from spiffystephy on Flickr

Go back from whence you came, demon!

Pizzeria Due (by blmurch)

Photograph from blmurch on Flickr

The scariest muthaf*$%er ever is a man who can consume two deep dishes:

September - October 2005 036 (by Bryan Maleszyk)

Photograph from Bryan Maleszyk on Flickr

Another source of evil:

Lou Malnati's: World Famous Pizza (by jpellgen)

Photograph from jpellgen on Flickr

Looks like the bathroom at CBGB's:

DSC04686 (by s_kessler)

Photograph from s_kessler on Flickr