Old Forge, Pennsylvania: The Pizza Capital of the World

A nice little story on CNN about Old Forge, Pennsylvania, and its claim on being the "Pizza Capital of the World":

We head out of Scranton, Pennsylvania, toward Old Forge, population approximately 10,000. In about 10 minutes we're driving down Main Street. I start counting the pizza cafés, as they call them here: Rinaldi's, Brutico's, Arcaro & Genell's, Anthony's, Ghigiarelli's -- 11 on this street alone. Within just a few blocks, there are at least nine more. Even the florist on Main Street is called "Pizzazz."

With a population of 8,798 (June 2006), that's like one pizzeria for every 800 residents. In contrast, New York City (pop. 8,274,527; 2006 census), if you go by the oft-cited 3,000-some pizzerias estimate, would have one pizzeria for every 2,758 residents.

The story still doesn't answer the burning question: What exactly is Old Forge–style pizza? I think there needs to be a Slice field trip.