The 'Gatekeepers' at Franny's

The restaurant blog Eater has a great series called "The Gatekeepers," in which they interview the host or hosts at a given venue. Today they talk to Sarah Gaskins and Nekisia Davis of Franny's:

What's the most outrageous request from a customer you've had to accommodate? SG: We once sat 25 people who were on a New York pizza tour. They showed up in a school bus with a mega-phone. After ordering eight pizzas and taking over the whole restaurant, they moved on to the next stop.

Hmm ... I wonder what pizza tour they're talking about?

In Our Defense

Get on the Bus (by Slice)

Scott Breaks Out the Bullhorn (by Slice)I don't know whether Gaskins was implying that we were sucky guests, but, come on, shouldn't Franny's be honored to be on a tour like this? I know it's a pain in the ass and that they wouldn't want this happening every day -- or maybe even every month, but, dude, we had a FREAKIN' SCHOOL BUS. And a BULLHORN! How could you not want to be a part of that?

And, yeah, I think we were all aware of the fact that we were a large group ordering not-so-many pies (hey, we had to save gutspace) and that the tip ratio would otherwise blow. But as I remember it, we factored that in and tipped extra, and then I even threw in some extra cash above that, just to be sure.

Also: We were pretty much in and out in 40 minutes. So it's not like we tied the place up for hours.

Also: We didn't take up the whole restaurant, as Gaskin claims. There were 26 of us by my count. That would mean we took up just less than HALF of the 54 available seats in the joint. Thank you.