Pizza Greases the Wheels of Labor

The Onion nails it this week with its story "Potential Employee Uprising Quelled by Free Pizza."

"Everyone's been fed up and ready to explode at management for weeks," production designer Carolyn Wurster said. "But then all those pizzas showed up, and it just didn't seem like the right time to start demanding a legitimate healthcare plan or salary raises that reflect the amount of work we do." Added Wurster, "They ordered like 10 huge pies."

Heh. This is so dead on.

I've worked at a few places where pizzas were ordered in on the company dime either to entice workers to stay at their desk over lunch or to soothe tensions over last-minute workload adjustments—probably the few times I've actually not been into free pizza.

Thankfully, the only time free pizza arrives here at the Slice–Serious Eats office is when SE overlord Ed Levine truly wants to try a pizza and not because he's trying to chain us to the desks here. (At least I think ...)