Update on Jim Lahey's Pizzeria, Company


Lahey abandoned the idea of using this pass-through window. It's going to be more of a sit-down restaurant instead, he said.

After reading Gael Greene's post about Jean-Georges Vongerichten's involvement in Sullivan Street Bakery founder Jim Lahey's pizzeria, I called Lahey for a clarification. He said that Vongerichten and his partner, Phil Suarez, were investors in his pizzeria but they will have no involvement in either the management or the food being made there. The pizzeria will be called Company, spelled "Co." in the logo.

Lahey also told me that the equipment for the pizzeria hadn't arrived yet, and he doesn't expect it to be installed until the end of August or the beginning of September. Lahey is, of course, one of the city's and the country's great bread-bakers, so all serious eaters are eagerly awaiting the opening of his pizzeria.

He will probably not be making his trademark room-temperature Roman-style pizza at the new place (Lahey never says never). He will be making round, Neapolitan-style pies and perhaps other types of flatbreads. Lahey made some of these pizzas for a holiday party he invited me to the year before last, and I can tell you they were so good Lahey's place will likely make its way into my top-ten pizzeria list for the country shortly after opening.

Lahey is experimenting with all kinds of toppings, including a raw-corn-and-olive-oil purée. And, like the obsessive he is, he went around the country tasting pizza in preparation for his opening.

His top three pizzerias, after the jump.

1. Pizzeria Bianco, Phoenix
2. Franny's, Brooklyn
3. Una Pizza Napoletana, Manhattan

I'm not sure what other pizzerias he went to (he did go to Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles), but I'm quite certain he did not make it to Apizza Scholls.

All of the serious eaters at the Slice-Serious Eats office eagerly await Lahey's opening, as we work just a hop, skip, and a pizza paddle away from the place.


230 Ninth Avenue, New York NY 10001 (at West 24th Street; map)


Pizzeria Bianco, on Slice
Franny's, on Slice
Una Pizza Napoletana, on Slice