Liberate Me: Get Your Slice Stickers!


20080909-slicedude.pngHola! It's me, Slice Dude. The gang here went and slapped me on some stickers, and now there's hundreds of copies of me stuck on big roll in a little box. I wanna get out into the world! If you would like to get a couple stickers of my likeness, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Serious Eats 242 West 27th ST #4A New York NY 10001 ATTN: SLICE

Be sure to include the "Attn: Slice" line, otherwise you'll get the default Serious Eats stickers.

Postage should be regular postage for a letter (just a normal stamp), First Class U.S. Mail, and you'll need to send an envelope in which the 2-inch square stickers fit. While supplies last! Hasta la pizza!