Pizza for $1 at St. Marks 2 Brothers Pizza Plus


I'd buy that for a dollar.

Walking down the street, if you see a sign advertising pizza for one measly dollar, I don't care who you are, you stop in and get a slice. It's a moral duty to be this thrifty, to take advantage of a deal like that. Keep your expectations low, and you might be surprised.


Looks like pizza.

I guess the 2 Bros. people have figured out how to eke a profit using the strategy of premade components, finding a high-traffic area, and doing some serious volume.

A new branch of 2 Bros. Pizza (at 32 St. Marks Place) has opened on 6th Avenue (bet 17th and 18th), this time calling itself St. Marks 2 Bros. Pizza Plus. The new location offers the same deals, but under the rubric of a "grand opening special." A slice for $1, or two slices and a can of soda for $2.75.

The price is right, but how does it taste? The verdict, after the jump.

The pizza is reminiscent of something you'd get in a high school cafeteria or an airport: a dimpled, doughy crust; premade sauce; and greasy, flavorless cheese. The only thing they've got going for them is that the slices are super fresh. At peak hours, they're slinging pies at such a fast clip, the slices don't have time to sit under heat lamps or get reheated. Slices go straight from the oven to your paper plate. Cheap and filling, it tastes oddly soulless and corporate.

That said, however, they've found their niche, and they're super busy. No one should go out of their way to get a slice from 2 Bros., but if you're hungry (or, better yet, drunk) and happen to walk by, it'll deliver the dollar's worth of satisfaction you crave.


Not sure what the "Plus" in the name signifies, though.

For a dollar a slice, they don't want you to dawdle: the back is unfinished and totally uninviting, featuring exposed electrical outlets and harsh, fluorescent lighting. I am, however, a big fan of the tall tables in the front (pictured), allowing you a place to stand and casually wolf down your slice.


The upskirt. Dimpled.

Verdict: Totally forgettable pizza, but if you're broke, drunk, or just hungry, it'll do the job. Cheap and filling.

St. Marks 2 Bros. Pizza Plus

599 Sixth Avenue, New York NY 10011 (b/n 17th and 18th streets; map); no phone

2 Bros. Pizza

32 St. Marks Place, New York NY 10003 (map); 212-777-0600