The Year That Was: The Top 8 Posts on Slice

And our Year That Was wrap-up continues with the Top 8 posts from Slice of 2008. (Why only eight? Because there are eight slices to a pizza, and it's Slice's lucky number.) These are the Top 8 posts on Slice in terms of pageviews. Think of it as a "people's choice," whereby the people voted with their clicks. Bon appétit! —Adam



1. A List of Regional Pizza Styles: Does your part of the country have its own pizza style? Who knew there was an Ohio-Valley Style.

2. Top Ten Crazy Asian Pizza Crusts: They sure have some weird-ass pizza in East Asia.

3. Visiting New York City? 7 Must-Eat Pizzas You Should Try: It's always interesting to get an "outsider" perspective on your hometown eats. Slice reader Lance Roberts gives his take on the Big Apple's best slices and pies.

4. Pizza Showdown—The Best Delivery Pizza: If you must order from the major chains, we break down their strengths and weaknesses.

5. Openings and First Reports—Artichoke: Clocking in at No. 5 on the strength of all the hype. Remember: You read it here first on Slice. Even if the place did kinda go downhill. Victim of "The Slice Curse."

6. Pizza in a Cone—Crispycones: After 4-plus years, I finally get my hands on pizza in a cone.

7. Every Damn Pizzeria in Park Slope: I go on a "slice walk" of my neighborhood. Yeah, I'm lazy like that. Trying to block out time for slice walks of other neighborhoods for 2009. Stay tuned.

8. Why Pepperoni Pizza Sucks: We reblog a snippet of a So Good blog rant, and Slice readers go nuts debating the merits of the spicy stick.

Extra cheese. Uno's, Chicago's Original Deep-Dish Pizza: Longtime readers wouldn't have imagined we'd ever open a "Chicago bureau." The first post from our man in the Windy City, Daniel Zemans, ranked ninth on the Slice-o-meter this year.