The Stuffalo: A Buffalo-Chicken-Stuffed -Crust Pizza


Meal Ticket

The Stuffalo Crust Pizza is a riff on Pizza Hut's stuffed-crust pizzas, with a clucker of a twist: It's stuffed with Buffalo chicken.

The folks at Philadelphia City Paper blog Meal Ticket came up with the idea and tried three different variations:

A heated debate arose when discussing what type of buffalo chicken would produce the best results. An alcohol-fueled faceoff promptly developed between the breaded, already-nuggeted chicken and raw meat contingents. We decided to bake three separate Stuffalos — one featuring pre-cooked popcorn chicken simmered in a homemade buffalo sauce, another built around skinless chicken breast sautéed with the sauce in a pan, and a third option featuring Morning Star Farms fake buffalo wings in lieu of real-person pollo.

Chicken sides have long since migrated on to the major chains' pizza menus. This seems to combine it all into one crazy package. Whether that's a good thing is your call.