Openings: Tonda


Photograph courtesy of Tonda

Opening tomorrow: Tonda in the space that used to house The E.U.

According to the Urban Daddy:

The glorious centerpiece of the whole operation is their $30,000 slow-rotating 1,000-degree wood-burning pizza oven, sitting in full view of your table. And naturally, the Naples native (say hi to Michele when you drop by) they shipped in to tame the flames.

According to New York magazine:

“The pies will only need to rotate once to be perfectly cooked,” says oven builder Nobile Attie, who’s also done work for Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Peasant’s Frank DeCarlo.

According to the press release I received this morning:

"Maestro Pizzaiolo" Michele Sceral of Naples has been flown in to debut an authentic menu as well as to supervise the personalized pies to be made by a team at Tonda in the tradition and high standard he garnered at the Napolitan Pizzaiolo Association.

The last item here is telling. Depending on how well Sceral trains the team, it's not going to matter if that oven burns at 1,000 degrees, rotates in a circle, shines my shoes, or calls me a cab in the morning. The proof is in the eating. And we'll see how that goes both while Sceral is at the helm and when he's not.


235 East 4th Street, New York NY 10009 (at Avenue B; map) 212-254-2900