Two Idiot Domino's Employees Do Nasty Things to Food, Upload Videos, Get Fired

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See the videos, at Consumerist.

Wow. I love how quickly this went down.

Last night, at 7:26 p.m., Consumerist posted videos that some dumbass Domino's employees had taken showing one of them doing disgusting things with food that was presumably sent out to customers--putting banana peppers up his nose and then on a sandwich, sneezing on cheesy bread.

Consumerist readers, using the YouTube account handle and the few identifiable details they could see in the videos, tracked down the Domino's location this occurred in and alerted Domino's corporate. By 10:26 a.m. this morning came word from Domino's HQ that the two asshats had been fired. Good riddance.

Choose Local and Independent

To its credit, Domino's corporate was swift in handling this, but this incident is a perfect reminder why it's better to go to an indie pizzeria.

In the videos, there's no supervision of these two presumably low-level employees, who have no interest in doing or incentive to do anything more than shit around.

I'm not saying that all mom-and-pop pizzerias are models of virtue or that they're immaculately clean (remember the Di Fara DOH scandals?). But at least with the smaller scale, where you know who runs the joint--a family, say, or a couple of brothers--when you see them in the pizzeria, you can make the reasonable assumption that dumbass donutfucks are not dicking around with your order.

Despite my preference for unique and local pizzerias, I do order Domino's on occasion. No more.

And when I can, I'm actually going to the pizzeria to place my order, wait, and carry it home.