'Pizza Blogger' Interview with Joe Edwardsen of Baltimore's Joe Squared


Speaking of pizza blogs, one that I've been enjoying immensely as of late is Baltimore-based Pizza Blogger. And this interview with Joe Squared's Joe Edwardsen (above) illustrates what I like about the site.

"Pizza Blogger," as the anonymous author prefers to be known, asks Edwardsen a series of knowledgeable questions about Joe Squared's coal oven and the dough-making process. The questions are obviously informed by PB's experience working at D.C.-area bakery Uptown Bakers. PB's knowledge and passion shines through in all his posts. I come away from the site with the feeling that the entries are well-researched and trustworthy. And I always feel like I've learned something after a visit.


One of Joe Squared's pies. Yes, now you see where the "Squared" part of the name comes into the picture. Photograph by Joe Squared on Flickr

This exchange in the Edwardsen interview, by the way, makes me think that Joe is onto something and that the place really does deserve the raves it has gotten (to be fair, though, a Chowhound thread seems to indicate the joint is one of those love-it-or-hate-it places):

PB: Are you happy with where your pizza is right now or is there still something you want to change going forward?

Joe Edwardsen: On a good night, I wouldn’t change anything about our pizza. Our biggest problem is when we get hit too hard. It’s a coal oven and keeping the heat in there is tough. We recently got 160 pizza orders in two hours and you just can’t keep that much heat in the oven. It’s still going to be a great pizza after a couple of hours [of being busy], but not as good as the first pizza that came out, and that’s just kind of the nature of it. Unfortunately, we’ll never have that consistent of a product because we are working with inconsistent ingredients [dough and natural leavening]. But, when it’s on, it’s dead on. And even when it’s not, it’s not crap.

But back to Pizza Blogger: Other great posts there include experiments with limoncello (a great aperitivo or digestivo for a pizza meal) and a sourdough starter, as well as pizza reviews. (The photos from Coal Fire Pizza in Ellicott City, Maryland, make the place look amazing, btw.)

PB has only been at it since April, but he's got a strong start. Here's hoping he maintains the site's quality for years to come.

Joe Squared

133 W. North Avenue, Baltimore MD 21201 (map) 410 545 0444; joesquared.com