Leftovers: The Day's Stray Links

Quick Bites

News in one quick bite.


  • Pizza Hut: I think I mentioned it on Slice in passing last week, but Pizza Hut is trying to rebrand itself as "The Hut." New logo treatment above. They really should fix the fact that the roof looks like a hat. [idsgn] Correction: It's only being used in some marketing efforts.
  • The Hut: "The Hut" debuts value menu. [NRN]
  • KC > St. Louis Style: A visit to two Provel-cheese-hawkin' pizza spots in the KC Metro area. [KC Lunch Spots, via Fat City]
  • NYC > Keste vs. Luzzo's: Which is better? [SE Talk]
  • NYC > Robert Sietsema's 10 Best Pizzas: Totonno's, Di Fara, John's, Denino's, Grimaldi's, Patsy's, Lombardi's, Roberta's, Motorino, LaVilla. Go debate! [VV]
  • NYC > Vegetarian Delight: The jalapeño pie from Famous Pizza in Elmhurst (which also has an East Village location) is an individual pie that caters to Indian vegetarians. [VV]
  • NYC > Brooklyn > Greenmarket Pizza: Made-on-the-spot seasonal pizzas at the Borough Hall Greenmarket this Saturday. [Dave's Kitchen]
  • Philadelphia > Stephen Starr: Restaurateur does more pizza-eating research for upcoming Philly pizzeria. [Illadelph]
  • SF > Openings: Escape from NY Pizza opens in the Mission. [ESF]