Breaking: Anthony Mangieri May Be Selling Una Pizza Napoletana to Motorino Owner


Prompted by an item on Eater, we're going to let go with some news we've been sitting on for a couple months—it appears that Anthony Mangieri may be selling Una Pizza Napoletana and that Mathieu Palombino of Motorino may take over the space.

An unnamed and well-placed source told us in late April that renown pizza-maker Mangieri had been thinking about selling his space and oven to an existing pizzeria. Mangieri told the source he was thinking about leaving Manhattan's East Village and opening a new pizzeria either in New Jersey or San Francisco.

So when I saw this item on Eater, I figured the "existing pizzeria" had to be Motorino and called Palombino for comment. [After the jump, what may become of the original Motorino space... ]

When we spoke in early June, Palombino indicated that Mangieri was still on the fence about the sale, but that Mangieri initiated the beer/wine license transfer to see if they could get Community Board approval on the transfer before going any further with a sale.

"I love that pizzeria and respect Anthony. If anything happened to it, I would cry," he said.

Mangieri has operated the celebrated Neapolitan-style pizzeria since October 2004.

Palombino told me that if the sale goes through, he will operate two Motorino locations.