Fake Restaurant Girl Interviews Jim Lahey


First some backstory here, in case you don't follow the ins and outs of the NYC food media scene. A few months ago, it appeared that New York Daily News food critic Danyelle "Restaurant Girl" Freeman had started tweeting. Then it came out that someone was faking it. Then the faker revealed himself to be Adam Robb of The Life Vicarious. (That's a sample of his handiwork above.) Lawyers were eventually called in, but through it all, Robb has continued his parody tweets (now with disclaimer!) along with a blog written by Fake Restaurant Girl called The Gourmet Glossary. Got all that? Good.

Today on The Gourmet Glossary, Robb, as Fake Restaurant Girl, interviews the real Jim Lahey. Funny enough, "she" makes the mistake that often happens here in the Slice–Serious Eats office in spoken conversation—mixing up Lahey's Co.* with David Chang's Momofuku Ko.

[Fake Restaurant Girl]: Ko has long been an impossible reservation, now you're packing it up in a truck and bringing it to Brooklyn. Do you think going on the road will make pairing beer with pizza a trend?

[Real Jim Lahey]: I noticed you misspelled Co.

[FRG]: Thanks!

Somehow, later in the interview, FRG manages to twist a description of Lahey into a reference to the USA network show Monk.

*Which is why I've taken to calling the place "Co. Company."