Nomad Pizza Co.: Notes from the Field

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Slice mail answered.

Friend of Slice and Serious Eats New York contributor Tam Ngo recently emailed some field notes from a recent visit to Nomad Pizza Co., a newish Neapolitan pizza operation in Hopewell, New Jersey, that's been getting some love from the pizzerati as of late. Here are her quick impressions of the place. --The Mgmt.



[Photographs: Tam Ngo]

I haven't had heavyhitter Neapolitan-style Motorino yet, so I can't compare it. But Nomad's crust is crisper, more pliant, and has a more developed flavor than that of Keste's. (Even though I dug the texture, Keste's crust was surprisingly monoflavored to me.)


[Photograph: Al Wang]


High-quality, good proportions. I think they may drizzle olive oil on some of the pies. On the second visit, the pies were more salty and less basil-y than the first.


Sausage: suffers from center-pie sag, but I'm not complaining because the meat's sensational.


With the extra meat oil, the pie takes to home-reheating marvelously.

Margherita di Bufala (pictured, top): where the extra olive oil is even more apparent.


Shitake Mushroom: lotsa lotsa mushroom! I liked this but did not love. The flavor was nice and earthy, but needed an acid or herbs to brighten the experience of eating it. (After just a slice of it, I kinda got bored.)

Pesto: makes sporadic appearances on the menu. I'm guessing it'll be stricken after the summer basil season ends. I really want to try!


BYOB. They allow for take-out. Still seem to be ironing out the kinks. Service is wonderfully warm. Growing crowds increasingly restless.

Nomad Pizza Co.

10 East Broad Street, Hopewell NJ 08525 (map) 609-466-6623;