A Belated Thank You for These Mysterious and Cool Pizza Stickers


So I'm cleaning off my desk today, and I find this mysterious envelope I received in early August. Inside a bright-yellow envelope addressed with red ink (from one M. Dettloff in Ypsilanti, Michigan), I found two smaller square envelopes reminiscent of pizza boxes (above). After donning my anti-anthrax biohazard suit, I opened the smaller envelopes and found these stickers:


After Googling "'M. Dettloff' + Ypsilanti MI," I found that they're from Ypsilanti-based artist Melissa Dettloff and are part of the Ultimate Pizza Sticker Pack—an item she designed along with Ryan Groendyk and sold at the July 18 Shadow Art Fair.

Also, I think she read my mind:


I don't. I prefer round pies. Even though, yes, I've had some amazing square pizza in my time.

Thanks, Melissa!