Motorino's Mathieu Palombino on 'Gothamist'

From an interview with Motorino's Mathieu Palombino on Gothamist:

Are you worried about becoming too popular? On Thursday night there was a pretty long wait for Motorino hopefuls. The way we did Motorino in the city is that we have a much smaller appetizer section, a much smaller pizza section. Because I was very well aware that we had too little seats, and Manhattan is a big city. And there were a lot of people interested. We can turn tables quite fast without cutting into the simple experience that Motorino is supposed to deliver. Meaning you can have your appetizer, your drinks and your pizza and your dessert in a very well staged manner, in a very comfortable manner, without being rushed. But it's a short experience. You're not looking to spend three hours sitting at Motorino, no. It should never be more than half an hour, 45 minutes wait to get there. Which is less than many other New York restaurants.