Pizza Muffins: Pizza Snacks Kids Would Probably Dig


[Photograph: Pizza Making]

I kinda love The folks there get extra nerdy about dough and crusts and ovens and baking but then turn around and post something fun like this technique for pizza muffins:

I've been thinking about these for awhile and finally gave it a try. Easy to do. Make your pizza, roll it up, slice and place in a muffin pan.

I used a dough that's about 55% hydration. Overnight retard. It's easy to roll and shape. After rolling into a rectangle I sauced it and added pepperoni and mozzarella. You have to kind of figure the size of the roll or it may exceed the diameter of you muffin pan. Mine is 2.75" across and about 1.25" deep so I sliced the roll every 1.25". The slices are a little hard to handle. Lay the slices in the pans and bake at 425 for about 25 minutes. The slices were in the pan about 30 minutes before baking. Have to play with this to see how it effects things. Slight sticking problem. I used PAM. I may invest in a non stick muffin pan.