Video: The Making of Domino's New Pizza Recipe

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Domino's just released this video, "inspired by our harshest critics," in which employees from the marketing and corporate kitchen divisions talk about the new pizza recipe that the chain started switching to last week. There's nothing shocking or surprising in the video itself, but it's worth noting that Domino's seems to be following a sort of social-media approach in pushing this new pie. See The Pizza Turnaround, after the jump.

Listening to customers in focus groups is nothing new, but owning up to the criticism, reacting to it, and offering a response is very much in tune with how people communicate online now, whether that's through blogs, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever thingamabob the kids are using these days. In fact, the chain started a site that serves as a hub for what people are saying about it on their social streams:

And it's not surprising that Domino's is taking this route, given that A) a viral video damaged the company's reputation earlier this year and B) there's a lot of money to be made in online ordering. Communicating with openness and in the various social-media circles is smart.

Whether it convinces you that the crust doesn't taste like cardboard is another thing.

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