More on Chris Bianco Step-back Situation in 'Arizona Republic'


The paper of record for the Grand Canyon State has some more details on Chris Bianco's distancing himself from the pizza-building at Pizzeria Bianco. The paper talked to Ed Levine here for commentary:

"For me, one of the most profound experiences I had eating anything was to see him, in the moment, living and dying with every pie."

Levine, a longtime friend, said he and Bianco talked about the situation a few days ago. He said Bianco's hands-on absence will not affect quality.

"He always talks about the connection he feels between him and his pizza, and him and his customers, and that won't change," Levine said.

The Arizona Republic also notes that Chris Bianco has long farmed out the dough-making duties to his brother, Marco, and that, for now, oven duties are being handled by longtime assistant Horacio Hernandez.

I'll have to note that when I visited in late October 2009, Hernandez was doing all the stickwork with the pizza peels. Chris Bianco's role was pie-building and quality control. So just given that single night I visited, the one thing that would be different in this new world order is that someone else would be building the pies.

Pizzeria Bianco

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