Pizza Girl Likes Things Squeaky Clean

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"But I'm not dirty, Pizza Girl!" [iStockPhoto/Aksam]

I have found, over the course of the last year and a half delivering pizza, that I am good at cleaning. I am not blind to the irony that in my personal life I rarely clean unless I'm beyond shaking-mad. When I say that I like things clean I don't just mean that things should be "clean-enough" or "tidy." I like when counters are spotless, I like when the floor is so clean that another sweeping would do no good, I like dishes to be squeaky clean, and I like managers who make sure that everything is in order, meaning they won't hesitate to make people re-mop a floor that comes out with disgusting gray streaks all over it (something that wouldn't happen if people properly swept before and rinsed the mopping equipment after). It bothers me (albeit not usually enough to throw a fit about) when the store is left dirty.

Which is why I love the concept of "The Spot." Kina Allen-White, who co-owns Paizano's Pizza in Baker City, Oregon (along with her husband, "Whitey"), gets her staff to clean obscure spots by offering $10 for finding the secret spot and cleaning it. I love reading her blog, especially when I can cheer on an employee for finding The Spot.

Setting aside the fact that I want to wash every single dish in both stores at least twice (and that garlic butter squeeze bottle double that), here are a few of the spots that I'd like to see cleaned in my stores:

  • The splash of buffalo sauce on the wall behind the boxes of cans of tomato sauce
  • The wall behind the makeline next to the sauce-station
  • The inside of the mini-fridge
  • The inside of the window halfway down the oven

I wonder if there's an award or certification for obsessively clean restaurants. If there is, I want to start going to those restaurants ASAP (and if I ever actually open my own pizzeria, it will certainly win one).