A Worthwhile Slice in Midtown at Previti Pizza



[Photographs: Adam Kuban]

Ah, Twitter. Sometimes a colossal waste of time; sometimes a boon to eaters. Last week, @itryilike tweeted to @Slice shortly before her lunch break: "I need a good, not-too-greasy slice in Midtown East. I'm huungry any suggestions?"

But before I could tweet back to itryilike (I rec'd Little Italy on 43rd and Fifth), our friend Zach Brooks at Midtown Lunch twitted out his pick: Previti Pizza on 41st Street near Lexington.

Oh, yeah. Previti is the place Zach wrote about back in December 2009. Place looked good, I remembered. I had filed it in my notes to try but hadn't gotten there yet. And thus this whole Twitter exchange had me hopping on the train to the Grand Central area.

Long story short: Previti makes a great slice—for Midtown or anywhere. This is one place I don't need to say, "It's good ... for Midtown." Zach was dead on with his rec here.


Previti Pizza

123 East 41st Street, New York NY 10168 (map); 212-557-4992; previtipizza.com
Getting there: 4/5/6/S/7 to Grand Central, but I'm sure most of you reading this will walk
Pizza style: Classic New York slice
Oven type: Gas-fueled brick-lined oven
The skinny: A great, well-considered and properly built Margherita slice—one we can finally recommend in Midtown
Price: $2.50 plain slice; $5.50 for two plain slices and a can of soda

The Margherita slice is well considered and tasty. (And at $2.50 is priced on the lower end for non-dollar Midtown plain slices.) Thin, crisp, fairly well balanced (perhaps a bit heavy on cheese, but for a Midtown lunch, who cares—it'll fill you up). Previti's chef, Anthony Fiorentino, uses Italian-import San Marzano tomatoes and a blend of cheeses — low-moisture fresh mozzarella, fior di latte, and a blend of aged mozzarella (Grände whole milk mozzarella and skim mozzarella).


The cheese mixture shows how much attention to detail Mr. Fiorentino has put in to the slices here. It not only gives the slice a depth of flavor you normally wouldn't get in a Midtown pizza, it's built with the slice-and-go crowd in mind.

"If you used all regular mozzarella, the slice would be too greasy," Mr. Fiorentino said. "We want people to be able to take it to go and eat it while they walk without getting messy."

The besuited Midtown crowd thanks you, Mr. Fiorentino.

Mr. Brooks also recommended the artichoke focaccia pizza at Previti. It is technically a white pie, as it has no tomato sauce. It is also well-considered and has hearty chunks of artichoke on it, but the lack of tomato sauce didn't do it for me. I would much rather grab a couple of the Margherita slices.


Speaking of which, Previti has a good lunch deal: Two slices of Margherita and a can of soda for $5.50. Assuming the price of a can is $1, that drops the per-slice price to $2.25. Yeah, it's still more than the dollar slice stuff you can get nearby, but that stuff is nowhere near as good.

So, Twitter, Zach, and @itryilike, thank you all for last week's exchange. I tried. I liked. I can now wholeheartedly recommend a slice in Midtown, which has often been a bad area for pizza in this town.