Top 25 Pizzerias Based on Bulletin Board Shout-Outs

OK. This is crazy. Over on Fark, there's a thread going about Michelle Obama's visit to Grimaldi's in Brooklyn (as egadman tipped me off to). Anyway, a lot of it is pretty ugly, with lots of dumb-ass political stuff going on. But ... as I was wading through it, I found this crazy comment. It seems that Fark user "Certainly You Jest" has a strange hobby indeed*:

Because I'm such a pizza geek, I go through threads like this and record shout-outs from posters about their favorite pie shops.

After numerous pizza threads here and elsewhere, the top-25 vote-getters on my spreadsheet are as follows:

Frank Pepe's New Haven CT 93 Sally's Apizza New Haven CT 60 Lou Malnati's Pizza Chicago IL 42 Giordano's Chicago IL 42 Gino's East Chicago IL 42 Pizzeria Uno Chain USA 40 Modern Apizza New Haven CT 34 Pizzeria Bianco Phoenix AZ 31 John's Pizzeria Manhattan NY 24 Grimaldi's Brooklyn NY 23 Lombardi's Pizzeria NY 21 DeLorenzo's Tomato Pies Trenton NJ 20 Pizzeria Regina Boston MA 19 Mellow Mushroom Chain USA 19 Aurelio's Chicago IL 14 Di Fara Pizzeria NY 13 Pizzeria Due Chicago IL 13 PizzaPapalis Chain MI 12 Mack and Manco Pizza NJ 12 Vincent's Pizza Park Pittsburgh 11 Zachary's Oakland CA 11 Famous Ray's NY 11 Home Run Inn Chicago IL 10 Monical's Chain IL, IN, WI 9

I wonder what Jared Lander could do with these numbers.

* But I guess that's like the pot calling the kettle charred.