Build an Outdoor Pizza Oven for $20


[Photograph: The Year of Mud]

I know there are a lot of people reading the My Pizza Oven series on Slice and salivating at the beautiful ovens depicted. Judging by the comments, a lot of folks want to build ovens of their own.

A masonry oven might be a large undertaking for some, both in terms of project skill level and money. But Ziggy, over on The Year of Mud gives a breakdown on building an oven from cob, a building material similar to adobe, consisting of clay, sand, straw, water, and earth. Best part: It costs just $20.

Sure, a cob oven doesn't have as long a lifetime as a masonry oven, but for $20 and a couple weekends' worth of work, you could consider it your starter oven. Cook with it a bit and see if you still want to go for the full monty.

You can build a foundation out of clay, sand, and recycled materials. The oven itself is made by molding cob around a dome-shaped sand form. This precludes any brick-and-mortar work that might be holding you back. The sand is then scooped out when the cob dome has dried a bit.

Make it a spring project now that the weather is cooperating and you'll have something to play with for summer.

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