Peepza = Peeps on a Pizza

I can't really say that Peepza—Peeps on a pizza—is as well thought out and crafty as Grace Kang's now internet-famous Peeps sushi (aka "Peepshi"). And I can't say that it's not an obvious attempt to capitalize on the popularity of Peep torture at this time of year.

I can say, however, that it was a lot of fun to make and that it actually doesn't taste as bad as you might think. You know that whole salty-sweet dynamic that we all tend to love so much? Peepza has it in spades. (Sure, it was a stunt, but I did eat try it!) After the jump, pointers on making Peepza—and a bonus video!

The Finished Peepza


The little dudes melted in nicely. Like steak, which keeps cooking even after removed from the heat, there is some carryover with the Peepza, and the chicks melt even further as the pizza cools off a bit.

The Peepza in the Oven

I'd first like to thank Joe Riggio and crew at NY Pizza Suprema for humoring me and making the Peepza with a couple boxes of Peeps I brought in to his pizzeria. After some brainstorming, he decided that the best way to cook a Peepza was to do up a regular plain pizza, pull it from the oven about a minute from done, top it with Peeps, and then cook another minute more.

You can, ahem, peep the video and the slideshow gallery for more gratuitous Peep carnage.

Happy Easter!

NY Pizza Suprema

413 Eighth Avenue, New York NY 10001 (at 31st Street; map) 212-594-8939;