'Slice' Poll: Chicken Pizza - Way or No Way?

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Time was when I was more of a pizza purist that I'd dismiss chicken on a pizza out of hand. Chicken? On a pizza? Cluck! Maybe as a side item*—or if I'm at a CPK.

But when even Cosimo Tiso of the venerable and certifiably old-school Bronx joint Louie & Ernie's says he's added a chicken topping as the neighborhood's tastes change, well, that made me reassess things. Add to that the fact that Ed Levine (Mr. "Slice of Heaven" himself) recently mentioned here at HQ that his son has turned him on to chicken pizza, and that seals it for this week's poll: Chicken pizza — way or no way?

* "Do you order side items?" was last week's Slice poll, incidentally, and partially inspired this installment.