Just to Confirm, Sal & Carmine's Is Back

Dear Slice

Slice mail answered.

Reaching in to the Slice mailbag, we got this email from Simon yesterday ...



Dear Slice, Letters From Our Readers

Hey, Adam, Don't know if you've covered this already, but Sal & Carmine's is open again. Haven't been in yet, though, so haven't asked about his side of the DOH shuttering story. Will go have a slice tomorrow and find out, at the very least for my own curiosity.


------------------------------------------------------------ Dear Simon,

D'oh! I knew it had reopened b/c Moxieland left a comment on that post of your photo ...

I should have done a full follow-up post saying, "Hey, it's back open." I think this was a case of me reading Slice way too closely and assuming everyone else does too and had seen the news from Moxieland.

Thanks for the headsup/nudge!

Hasta la pizza, Adam ------------------------------------------------------------

Yup, everybody, Sal & Carmine's is back. I ended up going by there yesterday after the lunch rush. There's a fresh coat of paint on the place and it looked clean and spiffed up. Nothing crazy—just like a nice spring cleaning. We're glad to see it back.

Sal & Carmine's

2671 Broadway, New York NY 10025 (101/102; map) 212-663-7651

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